EAG’s Erin D. and Audrey G. Promoted to Managers Quite Deservedly

EAG, March 29, 2018

Erin D. and Audrey G. PromotedNobody was shocked when it was announced at a staff meeting that Erin Dechman and Audrey Gardner were being promoted from digital account executive and account executive to managers, respectively.

Erin Dechman brought her digital marketing (and hip-hop dance) skills to EAG Advertising & Marketing in 2016. She has been honing her expertise ever since. Erin’s new title, digital account manager, is better aligned to the role in which she has naturally progressed. Now, she helps craft the strategy behind digital campaigns across EAG’s client roster.

With great power, comes great responsibility. “Most of our clients either have a digital strategy or they understand the importance of following one. Erin plays a key role in reviewing all our clients’ marketing objectives in terms of strategy and planning. Also, she’s looking at the results of digital campaigns currently running and optimizing these to achieve results,” says Michele Markham, EAG president.

Nailing digital marketing is like trying to hit a moving target. There are proven long-term digital strategies and there are immediate ones that can have measurable and quick results. Just when digital marketing gets into a groove, social media platforms and search engines change their algorithms, then strategies must evolve to continue being effective and worth clients’ marketing investments.

Erin explains, “My favorite thing is putting all I learn into action. There’s nothing more exciting during a client meeting than explaining the implications of all the data in terms of digital strategy performance.”

Audrey Gardner joined EAG in 2016. Since that time, she’s become our go-to specialist in email marketing and marketing automation programs. Audrey has masterminded integrating digital campaigns with marketing plans that involve content marketing to increase engagement and conversion for our clients.

Now as account manager, she helps devise the strategy. “Within the job description we state how critical account managers are to our clients’ success. Audrey wisely manages all aspects of their broad marketing programs, which isn’t easy considering our clients’ industries range from music stores to pneumatic conveying to name a few. She has a willingness to dive in and take on new ways of implementing proven marketing strategies,” says Paul Weber, EAG founder and chief strategy officer .

“There is a wide variety of marketing automation programs out there. I enjoy the challenge of analyzing our clients’ campaign performance to continually evolve and deliver better results, as well as working backwards from the results needed to choose the right solution,” explains Audrey.

About EAG Advertising & Marketing

EAG Advertising & Marketing helps clients expand their marketing capacity by becoming their full-service outsourced marketing department. Brand development, consulting, media placement, creative design, channel management, website design and search engine marketing services are conducted in-house by seasoned marketing professionals. Since 2003, EAG has provided advertising and marketing services to nearly 300 small and mid-market companies in Kansas City and across the nation. Winners of numerous graphic design and marketing awards from the Business Marketing Association, EAG was as a winner of “Best Places to Work” presented by Ingram’s Magazine in 2008, 2012 and 2015, Thinking Bigger Business Media’s “25 Under 25” in 2007 and Kansas City Business Magazine’s “Top Companies” in 2013, and a Bronze Wellness Certification in 2017 from the KC Chamber’s Healthy Workplace Wellness Initiative.


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