Erin couch2

Erin Dechman

adwords search certified

(dances like no one is watching)

When I grow up I want to be:

On top of a mountain

The last great book I read:

Does Google count?

Favorite food:

Anything smothered in cheese

Significant people:

My parents and sisters. My husband and daughter. And Marley dog – the best dog there ever was or ever will be.

Favorite movie:

Dirty Dancing (Nobody puts Baby in a corner)

Something unique:

A hip-hop dance instructor – helping young kids to adults find their groove – and a micro-craft and distillery connoisseur.


Erin graduated from Avila University with a Bachelor of Arts in communication with an emphasis in public relations and advertising. She spent two years in the B2C and B2B marketing world specializing in social media management and digital marketing, and is passionate about helping “the little guy” succeed.

Erin’s biggest hobby is traveling to local breweries and sampling different beers and bourbons. She loves discovering new places and the unique notable flavors of their custom brews; no beer is the same. In her spare time you can find Erin teaching dance, enjoying a game of disc golf or chill-axing on a patio with a nice beverage and good company.