Let EAG’s Digital Marketing Experts Develop a Strategy Within Your Budget

EAG, September 8, 2014

digital marketing strategies are shown as drawings in a blue cloud.Oh if only having a website was enough today to drive traffic, generate leads and close sales. But 1996 is long gone. Today, small businesses compete with the big dogs by having a comprehensive, cohesive digital marketing strategy behind their websites. In fact, the right digital marketing strategy levels the playing field between you and your larger competitors.

Our team fusses over developing a digital marketing strategy that meets your goals, but is within your budget. While every business owner wants to increase sales, some have other motives for engaging in a clever digital marketing campaign, like generating brand buzz, establishing credibility in an industry or becoming the go-to expert on a subject. Yes, digital marketing does all of that too.

The Digital Marketing Tricks Up Our Sleeves

The strategies aren’t really tricks. They’re proven to generate results. And when they’re combined, they deliver small business miracles. Even for business that aren’t so small. The list includes:

  • Website design and redesign to improve users’ experience, speed at which it loads, and overall aesthetic appeal of the site keeps visitors coming back (and converts them to leads or sales).
  • Site and display PPC advertising with Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and other paid display advertising to generate traffic and leads.
  • Retargeting using Google’s partner network and Facebook promoted posts to reengage visitors that have previously visited the site.
  • Effective Search Engine Optimization involves best practices on each site page, developing sharable assets such as video, infographics, white papers and case studies, and building relationships with quality webmasters, bloggers and journalists who are interested in sharing your information.
  • Social media management builds authority, increases brand awareness and helps increase sales through social channels such as Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.
  • The use of creative email marketing re-engages prospects and current customers with relevant content, interesting design and calls to action.
  • Digital public relations distributes online press releases to reach interested parties and build market or niche-specific interest.
  • In-App advertising when your target market fits just the right user profile. Think of reaching users when they engage with The Weather Channel App or their favorite time-killing game.
  • Using native advertising and content amplification to put your stories online near related stories with some of the largest publishers around (ESPN, NY Times, etc).
  • Lead generation strategy pulls all online activities together into a cohesive plan anchored by common brand language and consistent visual elements.

With so many roads to take on the digital marketing highway, it’s important to have a guide to lead your small business down the right, most effective path. It’s not the same for every business. One digital marketing strategy does not fit all. Budget constraints, target audience, seasonality, existing content, it all matters.

We invest time in mapping out your business goals. Using those goals as our GPS, we use cutting-edge digital and traditional online tactics to drive website traffic, generate leads and increase sales. Ready to start generating leads, building buzz and establishing your brand online today? Give us a call!