We Didn’t Invent Outsourced Marketing. We Made It Better.

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Stories to tell from EAG, our clients and our community.

Hold Them Small Business Advertising: Know When to Hold It and When to Fold It - There are a handful of us at EAG Advertising & Marketing who are or have been small business owners. We… Read More
Outsourced Marketing EAG Didn’t Create Outsourced Marketing; We Made It Better - Have you kept up with the new and emerging trends in marketing? Inbound marketing, customers as influencers, video content creation,… Read More
Web accessibility Web Accessibility for your Small Business Website - When your potential customers come to your website, you know what their experience is like. You’re confident they have fast… Read More

EAG Advertising & Marketing

EAG Advertising & Marketing is the only advertising agency offering outsourced marketing in Kansas City dedicated to small businesses, entrepreneurs and fast-growing companies.

A Full Service Advertising Agency

Whether you are a fast growing small business or a mature, multi-generational brand, we can help you better manage everything in your marketing arsenal with our comprehensive outsource marketing programs.

Graphic Design · Digital Marketing · Website Development · Content Creation · Lead Generation · Brand Strategy · Staff Augmentation · Search Engine Optimization · Video Production · Outsourced Marketing


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