How To Set Digital Marketing Analytics Goals

EAG, June 2, 2022


EAG Advertising and Marketing Small Business Marketing Tip:

Before you launch a digital campaign, it’s best to know the digital marketing analytics goal. Are you trying to increase awareness? Generate leads? Or both? Campaign reporting will make more sense with a known goal. Brand awareness campaigns will perform differently than lead generation campaigns so it’s best to not compare apples to apples but look at each campaign individually and then analyze how they are working together to meet your end goal.

“One of the great things about digital marketing is the amount of information that’s available to report on your campaigns, but do you ever feel like there’s just so much information that you get lost in it?

Hi I’m Katie with EAG and I wanted to give you a digital marketing tip today to always set your goals and your metrics for success before launching any kind of digital marketing campaign.

So for an example, a campaign with a goal of brand awareness might be measured by things like the number of people reached, whereas a campaign focusing on lead generation would be measured by the number of conversions.

So let’s say you’re running a display campaign with an awareness goal alongside a paid search campaign with a lead generation goal.

You don’t want to say the display campaign is not working because it has fewer conversions or that the paid search campaign isn’t working because it’s reaching fewer people. They have different goals to begin with.”

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