Five Reasons You Need Outsourced Marketing Services

EAG, July 21, 2020

You just don’t have enough time to spend on making marketing a focus

You might have the best product or service in the industry, but the fact is that without a strong strategy for getting your message to your prospective buyers, you’ll struggle to make sales. You have limited resources, and you’ve been dedicating every waking moment to perfecting your product and services, and marketing, unfortunately, isn’t on the top of your to-do list. You know it’s important, but when are you going to find the time to work on developing a marketing strategy and seeing it through to execution?

If you find you’re not focusing any attention on marketing, it’s time to consider an outsourced marketing partner to help you.

Hiring good marketing talent isn’t cheap

Hiring an internal marketing team to carry out new marketing strategies isn’t cheap and can add up very quickly. Even just a small team can set you back to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Benefits, bad hires, and office space don’t come cheap, and assembling an expensive in-house team can be a headache. If you put pen to paper and figure out the costs, the return on investment may not be there to hire an in-house team of experts. Even if you consider hiring 1 in-house marketing expert, it’s unrealistic to think that he or she will have the expertise needed in all areas of marketing— such as writing, design, SEO, Digital Media, Strategic Planning, and Web Development. This is when you should start thinking about outsourced marketing. In many cases, it’s less expensive than hiring one in-house employee, and you get the benefits of dedicated experts to help move your business.

Your last marketing campaign didn’t work

It’s easy to want to reallocate marketing dollars into other areas of your business if you’ve spent money on a campaign that didn’t work. But before you give up on marketing, you need to find out why the campaign didn’t work. There could be multiple reasons. The first question you should ask is did you measure the campaign correctly? Did you use technology, such as Google Analytics or reporting from your marketing automation platform to provide you with accurate, unbiased data? Or did you rely on anecdotal data from your sales team or territory managers to provide that feedback? A good outsourced marketing partner will help you establish your measurement criteria up front, and provide you with ongoing snapshots of how your campaign is performing. This will allow your outsourced marketing team to make adjustments and modifications during the course of the campaign to improve performance. Marketing isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it business. It requires attention to detail and ongoing optimizations to achieve the best results.

Lack of Marketing Technology

Much like a tight budget can have an effect on hiring and department size, it can also have a profound impact on the tools that you’re able to use. Marketing is as much a science as it is creative, and if you’re lacking the right technology stack to get the job done—think analytics, audits, media performance—then it’s virtually impossible to know how to position your brand and build a successful strategy. If you outsource your marketing to a reputable partner, you’ll be able to leverage their tools and technology for a fraction of the cost of purchasing on your own. In essence, you pay for the tools only when you need them, and you share the cost with multiple businesses. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

You’ve hit a plateau in sales growth

If your product is great but your sales are showing signs of stagnation, you could be dealing with an ineffective strategy for raising awareness. Connecting with potential buyers requires a streamlined and simple message—something that can be achieved with a good marketing strategy. If you’re still relying solely on more traditional methods of generating leads with your sales team and not seeing desired improvements, it might be time to start investing in a more sophisticated traditional and digital marketing strategy for your organization.

Benefits of Outsourced Marketing

Enterprise-level technology and tools

Most marketing departments, at a minimum, invest in marketing automation platforms, SEO tools, and reporting and analytics platforms. Your outsourced marketing partner invests in these tools, so you don’t have to.

Expertise in multiple marketing disciplines

You’ll be able to rely on the expertise of multiple team members that are the best in their fields.

Budget management

Your outsourced marketing partner will manage and maintain a budget that is suitable for your business.

Reporting and Analytics

You’ll always know how your campaigns are performing. Your outsourced marketing partner will optimize your campaigns so that you can get the best results for your business.


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