Brand Development

Brand-Development-CIRE-2Brand development for small business is the most critical, and often most difficult, marketing initiative to undertake. By studying the world’s largest brands we understand how to separate your business from the competition in words, pictures and action. Your brand is not your logo, tag line or advertising message. Your brand is the emotional connection between your company and your customers. If you don’t know how your customers feel about your brand today, that’s where we can get you started.

Brand-Development-CIREEAG has a process for helping a business understand how branding works and how to develop key branding initiatives. This isn’t big-brand talk; its practical hands-on, roll-up your sleeves, get dirty stuff. We will help your business develop compelling brand positioning language that absolutely, positively differentiates your business from competitors.

EAG has been our own case study on the effectiveness of appropriate brand positioning. Being recognized as Kansas City’s only advertising agency devoted to small business did not come about by accident. We researched the small business market, understood its potential and capitalized on the fact that no other agency wanted to target this niche. We’ve done it – proudly.

We also specialize in helping brands gain traction through professional website development, off-line marketing collateral and enhanced sales strategy.

Branding is not creating an identity, a logo design or writing a tag line. Your brand positioning (your biggest asset) is the cumulative effort of delivering the product or service that the customer wants while meeting or exceeding expectations. It is the promise that you make and keep. At EAG, we help you keep that promise by serving as your outsourced marketing department and letting you focus on the larger issue at hand – running a profitable small business.

To see some great examples of our work, check out our brand identity portfolio and spend a few minutes reading our success stories.


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