image-03 When it comes to marketing, it’s the perfect time to be in business. Big media budgets have been replaced with one-on-one relationship building. The number of message-delivery options has grown and become more personal. Now a small business can affordably reach their customers, one-by-one.

We teach big brand strategies adapted for small business. We’ve introduced the concept to hundreds of budding entrepreneurs because we believe it works. By studying the marketing strategies of the world’s most successful brands, any size business can have similar success.

EAG clients understand the importance of brand positioning, measured performance and emotional connections. We live it, breathe it, then we help our clients apply it to their business.



How big are you? The definition of small business is broad. What is common among our clients is the need for a smart, collaborative, and holistic approach to marketing and advertising.Our clients come in all sizes from small business start-ups to established, second generation companies with sales in excess of $80 million dollars. Here are just a few examples.

Young & Aggressive

Client: Adams Dairy Bank

Some companies come out of the gate with a roar. Aggressive growth requires a slightly different strategy. From brand identity to PR, EAG is equipped to match your pace.

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Mid-Market & Mature

Client: Livers Bronze

Established, successful and with strong growth aspirations, our mid-market clients call on EAG for broad brand support. EAG serves our mid-market clients as their external marketing department.

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Not Small At All

Client: Clinical Reference Laboratory

No small business story here. Our larger, national clients expand their internal staff capacity by calling on EAG for design, advertising and creative support on an interim or recurring basis.

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