Brenda Couch 998x665

Brenda Heffron

(fancies herself a queen “B”)

When I grow up I want to be:

A pilot

The last great book I read:

Life by Keith Richards

Favorite food:

Anything I don’t have to cook

Significant people:

Joyce, Rachel & Peyton (the fam) and Ben, Mere & Jen (the cronies)

Favorite movie:

Harold and Maude

Something unique:

I bought a Harley without ever having ridden one


After graduating with a B.A in English and a French minor from Mizzou, Brenda applied for middle school teaching jobs in the Bay Area, CA. When the school’s principal sang “Kansas City” at the end of the interview, she knew it was time to pack up her KC life and head west. She was teaching 8th grade in the Silicon Valley during the 90’s dot com boom. Known as the “grammar queen,” her colleagues began referring their “Internet” friends to her to proofread their business plans. Editing turned into writing content when the companies were funded and took off. So did her copywriting career.

Brenda finished post-graduate work at UC-Berkeley for a student counseling certification. She can’t shrink heads, but understands how they work. An English and psych background is a genius combination when it comes to writing smart content. Brenda has worked with global corporations like JVC, Elsevier, Worldwide Express, Eagle Golf and the Matthew Shepard Foundation as well as hundreds of small businesses.