How to Use Multiple Marketing Channels in Your Small Business

EAG, June 2, 2022


EAG Advertising and Marketing Small Business Marketing Tip:

It often takes multiple marketing touch points before someone is ready to contact your business. Using multiple marketing channels helps interact with your audience from the research phase all the way to the purchase phase.

“Why should you be using multiple marketing channels to promote your product or business?

Hi my name is Erin and I’m here with a marketing tip.
Let’s walk through a scenario. Say you’re about to purchase a car.
Would you make a purchase after seeing one commercial or one print advertisement? Most likely not, but what if you saw a series of advertisements over a period of time promoting that vehicle? You’re more than likely to go to the dealership test drive and then make that purchase.

The same goes for your business marketing.

You utilize all channels to work together to do that one goal; engage your audience to support your business. That includes email, social, print and google search—they all harmonize. working together, filling the funnel from awareness all the way down to the purchase phase.

Now that’s what I call teamwork making the dream work”

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