All the Ways That Being an Intern at EAG Has “Wow’d” Me

EAG, May 6, 2022

All the Ways That Being an Intern at EAG Has “Wow’d” Me

Starting a new internship can be scary. Not knowing other employees, learning the ropes of the company, understanding your role. It is completely nerve-racking walking into a place that you are unfamiliar with, but sometimes that is not the case.

Yes, I had some nerves walking into my first day as an intern at EAG Advertising & Marketing, but I would say that I felt more exhilarated than nervous. Prior to the internship, I had an interview at EAG that showed me the welcoming environment that I would be walking into on my first day.

EAG Advertising & Marketing’s Positive Culture
Let us start there: the environment. Throughout my internship, observing the culture at EAG has been easy. I have noticed that everyone walks with each other, not above one another. They support each other. They congratulate each other’s successes. There is collaboration across all departments within the company. I knew right away that this was the type of dynamic that I want to be immersed in for my future career.

Not only is the ambiance positive in this job, but every employee at EAG has a strong work ethic. Sitting through meetings with the whole EAG team has shown me that they pay attention to every detail within a project whether it is big or small. At the end of the day, they ensure that they are putting their clients first.

A Full-service Marketing Agency Supporting Small Businesses
I had the chance to meet with different departments within EAG. My meetings consisted of learning about digital marketing, content and brand development, website development and SEO, and creative design. Each team that I met with provided me with knowledge about their own department and how it fits into the “big picture” of marketing. These meetings helped me with the projects I got to do.

I researched competitors for a Kansas City brand and moved on to researching in a second city the brand is expanding into.

The EAG Creative Development Process
My next project was to write a creative brief to advertise a consumer food and beverage product. This project was a fun way to see the structure that the creative team uses to build a final product. Upon finishing the brief, the team has begun to create the advertisement so that I can see my writing turn into action.

I then started writing a blog about the psychology of colors in marketing. After meeting with the content and brand development team and reading blogs on the EAG website, I was able to understand further how to structure a blog and write one on my own.

The latest project I worked on was a backlink strategy. After a meeting learning about SEO, I used Moz to research which backlinks competitors use and how that would be beneficial for the client. This project gave me insight on the kinds of websites that are ethical for backlinking.

Every Job and Every Role is Important in an Outsourced Marketing Department
What continues to “wow” me about the work at EAG is that they truly are an outsourced marketing department for their clients. Every job is important in creating a final product for their clients. Think about it like a baseball team. Without the catcher, the game does not flow. Without a certain department in marketing, a client’s final product is missing something. Everyone’s efforts are important at EAG, so they continue to work together to accomplish their goals.

The biggest thing that I value from this internship is the exposure it has given me to this career field. I have gotten a lot of experience within marketing that not a lot of students get before entering college. This experience has helped me discover a new world of options I have in this career path and it has gotten me thrilled to begin my next chapter.


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