EAG Starts a Foundation and Launches an Employee Gift Matching Program

EAG, March 16, 2018

It was mid-2017 when Debbie Wilkerson, Greater Kansas City Community Foundation’s president and CEO, joined a business leader roundtable hosted by EAG Advertising & Marketing’s CEO, Paul Weber. Debbie was there to explain the role the Community Foundation plays throughout Kansas

City and beyond. Her gracious giving of time and knowledge inspired Paul to establish the EAG Foundation and to launch an employee gift matching program.

Paul was always an admirer and supporter of the Community Foundation’s good work, but he had never realized how much more EAG could do as a company with a foundation and as an employer offering a matching program.

The benefits of creating a foundation, also known as a door-advised fund, were immediate and significant. A donor-advised fund allows a business or its owner to gain the immediate tax benefits of making a contribution to philanthropic causes. The donated funds are invested, allowing them to grow tax-free. The individual or business can then allocate the funds as contributions to qualified nonprofit organizations using the Community Foundation’s guidance and expertise.

The value of creating an employee gift matching program was even greater for EAG and its employees. An employee gift matching program is a cost-effective one that a business can add to its benefit package. It can be managed internally or with the Community Foundation’s assistance. Employees are encouraged to make charitable contributions to qualified nonprofit organizations and the company can match a portion of that gift, again with the help of the Community Foundation.

EAG’s employees immediately embraced the gift matching program. Avid givers, the agency’s team recognizes and appreciates the gift matching program as EAG’s commitment to support their philanthropic endeavors. The benefit to employees and to EAG far outweigh any cost of administration.

Paul introduced the program as a way to put even more control of the business into the hands of EAG’s employees. Having always supported Kansas City’s nonprofit community, EAG now does so with the help of employees, who guide the direction of the firm’s philanthropic giving.

Want to learn more about establishing a donor-advised fund or gift matching program? Visit www.growyourgiving.com.


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