EAG Advertising & Marketing Expands to Topeka and Wichita, Kansas

EAG, January 15, 2019

EAG Advertising & Marketing (EAG) has expanded to Topeka and Wichita, Kansas. The advertising and marketing agency’s expansion is not due to having new clients in these areas or an attempt to grow across Kansas beyond the Kansas City metro. EAG is going where our employees go.

Erin Fletcher, one of our valued account directors, is moving to Topeka. For a while, our team mourned the loss as Erin and her family prepared to move an hour west. We were ready to wish her well and celebrate her departure, and began recruiting for a new member to join our outsourced marketing team.

Then the light bulb went on. Why are we doing this to ourselves and why are we doing this to Erin?

We love Erin. Erin’s clients love Erin. Erin says that she loves EAG. So, why wouldn’t we figure out how to keep the EAG family together? After all, we have clients from coast to coast, and they don’t mind that we’re in Kansas City and they are in Los Angeles or New York. As long as everyone is happy and productive, Topeka (or Timbuktu) is just fine with us.

Once we broke our own false paradigms, the rest came easy. Erin now is officially EAG’s representative in the Topeka-Wichita Kansas region. She still has her same clients and the exact same work responsibilities she has performed successfully for years. Now, she’s just working one hour west of our office located in the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District.

In this era of technology-enhanced mobility, distances are shortened. There may be a turnpike between us, but there is absolutely no distance between Erin, EAG and our clients. And yes, if you have a business in Central Kansas looking for an advertising agency, we might just be your perfect match.


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