Why Outsource Your Small Business Marketing? Let Us Explain the Reasons Why

EAG, January 2, 2019

For more than 15 years, our 300-plus small businesses have outsourced their marketing to EAG Advertising & Marketing. Those numbers alone lead us to hope outsourced marketing is understood by everyone by now, but we know it’s a concept still misunderstood by many.

So, as simply as possible, we count the reasons why outsourced marketing is a great idea for some companies that don’t have the resources or energy to build an in-house marketing department.

Outsourced marketing allows any sized business to enjoy the benefits of having a fully-staffed marketing department for a fraction of the cost. At EAG Advertising & Marketing, outsourced marketing services are the backbone of what we have done for 15 years and counting.

Each outsourced marketing team includes deeply experienced professionals including:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Strategist
  • Account Manager or Director
  • Search Marketing Specialist
  • Web Designer and Developer
  • Creative Director and Designer
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Copy and Content Writer
  • Videographer and Photographer

Having all this talent is important because most small to mid-sized businesses engage in five or more of these marketing activities each year. Many companies use all of them.

  • Website Updates and EditingFour Paws Pantry & Spa Website Redesign
    • New website design
    • Analytics reporting
    • Troubleshooting website problems
    • Integrating a website with a CRM
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Writing original content for SEO
    • Using SEO tools to determine success
    • Tactical SEO skills and coding
    • Soliciting media sources of content
  • Search Marketing
    • Paid and organic search marketing
    • Google Ads
    • Other digital search channels
  • Graphic DesignMagnum System's New Brand Development
    • Brochures, flyers, ads, signs, business cards
    • Imagery for SEO and search content
    • Sales promotions and internal communication
    • Website updates and edits
  • Video and Photography
    • Original content for SEO and SEM
    • Videography and editing for digital use
  • Copywriting & Editing
    • Writing for all content needs
    • Writing for all sales materials
    • Writing proposals, press releases and more
  • Social Media
    • Someone to tell you if you need it
    • Someone to help you manage it
    • Social media channel management
    • Paid social media lead generation
    • Social media and reputation monitoring
  • CIRE E-newsletterLead Generation
    • Determining which marketing initiatives drive leads
    • CRM integration and management
    • Lead nurturing, including email marketing
    • Digital and traditional lead generation
  • Strategy Development
    • Market research
    • Pricing research
    • Customer satisfaction measurement
    • New product and market evaluation
    • Brand value management
  • Account Management
    • Project management
    • Integration of all marketing functions
    • Budget management and ROI monitoring
    • Marketing/Lead/Sales integration

Wow. That’s quite a list and we haven’t touched on nearly half of it.

Now, imagine trying to hire one or two people who have the skills, knowledge and experience to master all these responsibilities. It just doesn’t happen, which is what makes outsourced marketing many a small business’s unicorn!

Outsourced marketing was created to address the specialization that has occurred in marketing functions throughout the country. Now, more than ever, marketers must be diverse in their tactics and equally diverse in selecting the people to perform these tasks.

Is Your Business a Good Candidate for Outsourced Marketing?

If you answer NO to more than half of these questions you should consider outsourcing your marketing from a qualified agency specializing in outsourced marketing.

If you have more than three vendors providing marketing services (website, hosting, SEO, etc.), are their services coordinated by your staff?

Have your employees performing in-house marketing functions received external training in the past year? Would you consider them experts in their field of marketing?

Do your in-house, freelance or sub-contract graphic designers use contemporary best practices? Have they received recent training and use contemporary software? Have they won peer recognition for their creative talent?

Is your content written in original form without grammatical or spelling errors? Do you know?

Does Google recognize your content as original and index it for search engines? Do you know?

Do you have a plan and strategy for marketing?

Do you have a brand positioning statement, price positioning statement or brand guide?

Have you considered marketing in the valuation of your business? Do you know the value of your business?

Do you know how your brand is represented in online reviews? Have you inventoried your reviews or solicited new ones?

Do you have a lead generation program?

Do you regularly submit press releases to local media?

Do you have all the qualified employees you could ever want to hire?

Okay, we’ll stop here. You get the point.

More about outsourced marketing can be found here: https://www.smallbusinessmiracles.com/get-bigger/outsourced-marketing/


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