What’s the Best Investment for Your Marketing Dollar? Let’s Compare.

EAG, March 9, 2017

Help Wanted

A fast-growing, mid-size company is looking to hire our first marketing employee. Up to now we have depended on our company owner for marketing leadership and a series of freelance designers, writers and web programmers to create our brand and marketing. We’ve outgrown all of it.

Your job description will look a little like this:

  • Must be an award-winning writer & content developer
  • Understand search engine optimization, social media and web development, including e-commerce
  • Have years of experience building and managing websites, including responsive design for mobile
  • Demonstrate knowledge and experience in media buying for print, outdoor, broadcast and digital
  • Have prior experience leading the marketing efforts of Fortune 500 brands
  • Be a top-level graphic designer and talented artist

Compensation:  $60,000 per year plus benefits

Seem impossible to fill this job? It is.

A Better Investment

For the cost of hiring one mid-level marketing manager, including benefits and overhead, you can hire EAG’s outsourced marketing department and get all this:

  • Nearly 150 hours of C-level strategic planning, guidance and objective leadership
  • Over 200 hours of award-winning creative writing and graphic design for print or web
  • An additional 200 hours among any number of disciplines including web development, search engine optimization, direct marketing, lead generation, branding, coaching, consulting and more

And we won’t waste time hanging out by the water cooler, or ask for a vacation during your busiest season. You do the math.

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