How To Use Lucky Orange Dynamic Heatmaps & Screen Recordings to Improve Conversion Rate

EAG, June 2, 2022


EAG Advertising and Marketing Small Business Marketing Tip:

“How do you know what your customers and potential customers are doing once they make it to your website? Analytics can tell us a lot, but to really dive deep, we’re gonna need a different weapon. In our toolkit, we use one called Lucky Orange, and that’s available for about $10 a month., Let’s walk through a couple of the features that we find very helpful when we’re optimizing a website for success. So the first is called heatmaps,,and in these heatmaps, we see dots, and those dots are representing different clicks that people are taking. So in aggregate, all of the visitors for that month are clicking here and there. You can look at a paragraph and at a particular word, in copy, and if lots of people are clicking there, maybe they expect a little more information, maybe they expect some kind of link to a different page that explains more about that. That helps us optimize the website. Are people making it to the bottom of the page? Are they scrolling all the way down and seeing the content that you expect them to see? If they’re not, maybe there’s too much going on on that page. What about any kind of valuable content that may be missing from your site? If people continue to scroll around and flip back and forth between two pages, that may be an opportunity to really give them more of what they’re looking for, even if they’re not telling you that’s what they’re looking for. So heatmaps—very helpful.

The next feature we’re gonna look at allows us to take a look at individual screen recordings of visitors to the website that can be very helpful, hit play, and when you hit play, you’ll see what that user sees.Whether that’s a mobile device or whether it’s a desktop, you’ll see exactly what that user is, is scrolling through and where they’re clicking, where their mouse goes, where they’re flipping back and forth between pages. What path did a prospect take right before they filled out a contact form on your website? If they viewed a particular service page, you’ll know to talk about that when you have that conversation with them and finally make a connection with them.Where are the prospects bailing out? If there’s a particularly long form field and email and phone number, are there people bailing out before they hit the phone number because they don’t wanna give you a phone number, but they’re okay giving you an email address?When we see that kind of thing, we need to maybe edit ourselves and say, do we really need that phone number?Or can we ask for it later? But let’s make email contact right now. If there are enough people bailing out that may be an opportunity to optimize your website. What are they doing before they leave the website? Are they looking at a particular page and then leaving without making contact? If that page is a pricing page, we may have an opportunity there to optimize as well, so that we’re either displaying pricing information differently, or we’re not displaying pricing information at all, and we wanna make contact before we give that pricing information. We can optimize in lots of different ways with that.

How is your website rendering on mobile devices? If you’re seeing exactly what that user is seeing, there may be an opportunity that you don’t know about.Where something isn’t working, the way you think it should look, when it’s on a mobile device or when it’s on an Android device versus an Apple device. It’s a good opportunity to take a look at what you’re seeing and make sure that your users are seeing exactly what they should be seeing. The more data you have, the more you can optimize your site for success.”

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