Where You Should Spend (and Save) Money in Video Production

EAG, May 30, 2018

Video Production for Content MarketingVideo content is attention-grabbing and, if done right, immediately engaging. The bottom line? If you’re not currently planning to include video production in your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on an incredibly effective way to engage with your online audiences. After all, YouTube is the second most popular search engine, right behind Google, and videos can be used on your website, social media channels, and they’re an effective way to rank in the search engines.

First, you’ll need to decide what types of video best complement or elevate your marketing goals. Different types of videos drive different results. It’s important at this stage to decide if you’ll be creating a video to show off a product or service, a customer testimonial video, a video to promote an announcement, or simply a brief feel-good video that you want people to share around on social media.

Determining what type of videos you’ll be producing also will help you determine your budget. Perhaps you only need a spokesperson and a white screen—but then again, maybe you’re making a commercial-like video with multiple actors set in a few different locations. Whatever the concept is, organizing the details first will help avoid delays and cost surprises later.

Thanks to the iPhone, we’ve shot some great footage with the device in the palms of our hands that works well for video marketing. While increasing video budgets is a smart marketing move for many companies, video production doesn’t have to blow your budget either.

Where to Save in Video Production

Locations: Locations are an area where you probably won’t need to spend much, if anything. Can you use your own office? Someone’s backyard or kitchen? Or can your video be done with a plain white screen or backdrop? The exposed brick wall at EAG’s office is a classic background that has been used in several videos.

Performers: Because performers love to, well, perform, you can typically find someone to be in a video for free, or for very little. Some companies even decide to use their funny employees or CEOs in their videos. If you’d prefer to use a professional, utilize your company’s social media platforms. Announcing that you are looking for performers for an upcoming video, and you will start getting responses. Vetting your actors, especially if they’re employees, customers or friends is critical. The most animated people can experience stage fright.

Cameras, lighting, and sound equipment: We don’t recommend skimping on a director, a cameraperson, a lighting technician, or a sound recorder. If you want to produce a truly well-done video, these “crews” are necessary.

Production assistants: For production assistants (people who assist on set), ask friends or film students to help out for free. For the students, the video can be a learning experience. For friends, it can be a favor.

Makeup artist: Stage makeup is different than everyday makeup. Even gentlemen require a little powder or foundation. We have a suitcase full of makeup and tricks that we use to make everyone look their best in front of the camera.

Wardrobe: You shouldn’t have to spend much here. Either use your performers’ real clothing or swing by a local Goodwill.

Props: Again, Goodwill is your friend. So is Dollar Tree and the 99 Cents Store.

Music and sound effects: Music is a mood setter and a mood killer. It goes toward setting the tone of your video and has a profound effect on sharing and viewer engagement.

Voice-Over: Voice-overs are another area where you can find affordable talent. Distance is not a factor here since scripts and files can be shared via email and the cloud.

Don’t Skimp in These Areas of Video Production

Script writer: If the script is bad, the entire video will be bad. No amount of animation can overcome a bad script. A professional writer who can collaborate on concept and channel your brand’s language is a non-negotiable.

Director, Camera Person, Lighting Technician, and Sound Recorder: These experts’ knowledge is essential to a compelling final video. They know the tricks of their trades, and their roles are far more essential to your video’s success than most believe. Without them, there is the risk of an unprofessional video. With them, even lower budget videos can look like you spent a lot of money on them.

Animation and infographics: Smooth, professional-looking infographics or animation does wonders. You’ll be amazed at how effective they are – to the point that these can be the focus of your video.

Editing: The right editing can erase a multitude of sins and turn video snippets, animation, infographics and music into a cohesive final product.

Adding Video to Your Marketing Strategy Takes Having a Strategy

You can get so much mileage out of your marketing videos. They tell your story in a compelling way and can be used in many of your existing marketing strategies. From having the foresight to catch still images and b-roll footage for later use in other videos or in digital or print promotions to maximizing resources for economy of scale, we can help ensure your video marketing like the big brands.


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