TED Consulting and MoDocs are the Latest Small Businesses to Join EAG Advertising & Marketing’s Agency Roster

EAG, June 14, 2022

EAG Advertising & Marketing (EAG), Kansas City’s first advertising agency to bring outsourced marketing solutions to growing mid-sized businesses, welcomes two new clients to its agency’s roster: TED Consulting and MoDocs.

TED Consulting is an industrial engineering consultancy. Their team understands time is the single greatest and scarcest asset; not to be saved, but rather used with impact. TED Consulting streamlines operator-heavy manufacturing, so that business owners can spend their time more efficiently and operators can use their time more effectively. TED Consulting optimizes processes using hard data and with safety, ergonomics, accuracy and productivity as the priorities.

MoDocs provides Missouri doctors with a superior policy and vigorous expert legal defense at affordable rates. The company was founded during the insurance crisis when Missouri doctors were facing one of the worst times in the history of the State to get insurance, much less affordable rates. As a result, physicians began leaving Missouri seeking affordable insurance coverage. Today, MoDocs has become the gold standard in medical liability coverage offering the very best protection combined with an aggressive and vigorous legal defense.

About EAG Advertising & Marketing
EAG Advertising & Marketing is a full-service Kansas City-based advertising and marketing agency specializing in serving small entrepreneurial businesses with strategic planning to full-service outsourced marketing services and all tactics in between. Brand development, graphic design, website design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, content creation, digital and traditional media, email marketing, social media marketing, and more are conducted in-house by skilled marketing professionals. EAG, an Agency of the Year – Fountain Award winner, has provided advertising and marketing services to nearly 500 small and mid-market companies in Kansas City and across the country. The agency is a winner of numerous graphic design and marketing awards from the Business Marketing Association, “Best Places to Work,” “25 Under 25,” “Top Companies,” KCDMA AMBITs and a Workplace Wellness Silver Certified Company via the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.


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