Small Business Marketing Takes a “Think Outside the Package” Approach

EAG, April 27, 2022

From the technology package I chose when I bought my car and the dining plan I added on to a Disney World vacation down to my streaming television service, I love a good package deal as much as the next person. Even on the rare occasion when I order fast food, I love combo meals with the choice narrowed down for me to regular or supersize.

When I think outside the package, I come to a few realizations.

I use my phone; not my car’s tech package for navigation and audio. The dining plan made paying for meals at Disney World easier, but also, I came home with a suitcase half full of snacks because I “paid for them and didn’t want to waste them.” I watch four, maybe five, channels through my streaming television service, though hundreds are bundled in my package. Regular or supersize? That’s just an easy one after a day of making decision after decision, like we all do.

Are Marketing Services Good Candidates for Packaging and Bundling?
For some businesses, packages and bundles are a smart pricing strategy thanks to their real or perceived value and convenience. They are also attractive to consumers who seek value and convenience. But, are marketing services good candidates to package and bundle?

Unlike a combo meal or a one-time tech package purchase, small business marketing has serious, long-term implications on the success of the company. Advertising and marketing are broad and holistic, crossing into and out of many channels. Unlike favoriting a few channels bundled in streaming television service and ignoring the rest, small business owners have to watch ALL the channels in order to reach as many buyers as possible.

No, marketing services are not good candidates for packaging and bundling. Instead, small business marketing takes a “think outside the package” approach.

Why? Tailored marketing services enable companies of any size to reap the benefits of having a fully-staffed marketing department. It covers all the marketing bases, allowing business owners to:

  • Get all marketing projects done that they couldn’t before
  • Scale budget to immediate needs without the constraints of long-term contracts, monthly minimums or flat-rate pricing
  • Access a marketing agency’s staff of experts in areas ranging from web development and design, content marketing and creation, digital ad and email marketing, and marketing planning and strategy

Marketing Packages Can Lead to Efforts Running in Parallel
Marketing is so intertwined that it can no longer be effective by using siloed tactics carried out by specialists who work in silo within their one channel, such as digital advertising. The strategy, placement, design and content must be integrated and work in tandem—all the pieces and parts integrated to work toward one goal. Standalone marketing packages and bundles can’t accomplish this and tend to run parallel. Not to mention, by the time you pay for all the marketing service packages you need, you’ll often wind up spending more money than you would with a full-service marketing and advertising agency.

Are Good, Better, Best Options Really Best for Small Business Marketing?
Customized, full-service marketing is scalable to any budget and need beyond the typical three service levels of good, better, best. Plus, it doesn’t put your small business in a cookie cutter plan that might not make sense for an ideal, results-driven marketing strategy. For example, if an opportunity arises, customized marketing allows for moving budget from one place to another while still maintaining overall budget. Even better, without being stuck in a monthly contract, you can scale up or down depending on your needs, or changes in your marketplace.

Marketing services customized to your small business and needs. Let’s discuss the possibilities. Contact us.


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