New Book, Say What?, Raises Money for Hearing Aid Project

EAG, September 18, 2019

24-page book addresses the serious problem of hearing loss in a caring way that readers can use to open a dialogue with friends and family, while all proceeds go to support the Hearing Aid Project.

Hearing Charities of America (HCOA) has published a 24-page book, Say What?, available in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to support the organization’s Hearing Aid Project, which gives low-income individuals across the United States access to hearing aids at no cost. Between donated hearing aids, donor-hosted personal fundraisers, cash donations and proceeds from Say What?, the Hearing Aid Project fits men, women and children with refurbished hearing aids – devices that would otherwise be financially out of reach for them.

Say What? is narrated from Emily’s, an audiologist, perspective. Throughout her life, she watched as many of the people she loves were impacted by hearing loss. One in eight people in the U.S. over age 12 has hearing loss in both ears. Audiologists, like Emily, help them hear and interact with their loved ones again. Also, Emily volunteers for the national Hearing Aid Project. The book’s storyline, though fictional, reflects the struggles that both those with hearing loss and those who care about them face. The plot and handcrafted illustrations are designed to begin two-way, open dialogue about life with hearing loss.

HCOA launched the Hearing Aid Project to help address the widespread issue of hearing health that affects one quarter of Americans who live with significant hearing loss. The Hearing Aid Project has 67 participating providers spanning 32 states, to help meet the growing demand for hearing aids. The Hearing Aid Project emphasizes three components: Get, Give, Help.

  1. Getting low income individuals who need hearing aids referred to the Project.
  2. Giving hearing aids and cash donations to the Hearing Aid Project.
  3. Helping carry out its mission with an online personal fundraiser, recruiting audiologists to participate, and/or hosting a CELEBRATE SOUND Don’t Walk in Silence® event to benefit the Project.

To support HCOA’s Hearing Aid Project, purchase copies of Say What?. Proceeds from book purchases will be used to refurbish hearing aids and give the gift of hearing to those in need.

About Hearing Charities of America

Hearing Charities of America is a nonprofit organization that supports those who are deaf or hard of hearing. The organization connects those who need information, education, hearing health services, and assistive devices with the resources they need to live a healthier hearing life.

If you would like to become more familiar with this charitable organization and its programs, please contact HCOA at 816-333-8300 or visit


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