Pioneer Music Company Becomes Source of Military-Grade Fiber for Custom Integrators

EAG, January 10, 2019

More custom integrators drawn to using TechLogix’s tactical fiber for their rental, staging, broadcast, outdoor and residential projects.

Lenexa, KS – January 3, 2019Pioneer Music Company (PMC) now offers TechLogix Networx’s tactical fiber (also called military-grade fiber) for custom integrators’ projects that require a cable strong enough to withstand rough environments and exposure to elements. This military-grade fiber is ideal for demanding rental, staging, broadcast, outdoor and residential applications thanks to its unique construction. Custom integrators can purchase TechLogix fiber through PMC’s website or at one of its locations in Chanute, Kan., Lenexa, Kan., Omaha, Neb., Chesterfield, Mo., and Des Moines, Iowa. The fiber is available in bulk, premades, multi-strand and armored.

Chris Bailey, dealer expert for PMC explains, “Custom integrators are constantly looking for new avenues of business, and TechLogix fiber can help make them serious contenders on types of projects that they may not have bid on before. Now that PMC carries military-grade fiber, our clients have an immediate source for this fiber, as well as access to our expertise on its best uses and how to use it. For many of them, this fiber represents a business growth opportunity to move into commercial and entertainment fields or expand their high-end residential work.”

TechLogix tactical fiber has a unique construction that makes it the gold standard in the industry. The fiber is resistant to:

  • Water
  • UV rays
  • Trampling and crushing
  • Punctures, tears and slices
  • Salts, chemicals and other corrosive elements

Depending on the application, this tactical fiber serves different roles:

  • For broadcast, rental and staging projects, the fiber is used for short-term or mobile installations since it can be easily unspooled and re-spooled and is durable through excessive handling
  • For military jobs, the tactical fiber’s strength and reliability are matched for mission-critical installations
  • For commercial and residential AV projects, the fiber is perfect for prewires and rough-ins because of its protective armoring
  • For outdoor projects, the fiber is the best choice thanks to its resistance to water and UV rays

Premade cables crafted with tactical fiber have a water-resistant outer jacket, spring tube braiding, treated Kevlar yarn, stainless steel armor and bend-insensitive fiber. Premade cables are factory terminated and typically arrive with fully-capped pull mesh that protects the connectors and provides a 130-lb., short-term pull-rating.

Bulk military-grade cables, or those terminated in the field, are manufactured with Cleerline SSF™ technology, which increases strength compared to premades or traditional fiber. Bulk tactical fiber is 10,000 times more durable than traditional fiber, 10 times more pliable, and has nearly twice the pull rating. Tactical bulk fiber does not have the premade’s spring tube braiding or armoring so that it effectively terminates it in the field.



Batton explains, “The TechLogix tactical fiber is the workhorse of all fibers. This is going to be a game changer for custom integrators who’ve turned down or hesitated to take on projects because they lacked faith in their fiber’s ability to stand up to the demands of the job. Essentially, it’s a do-all fiber that stands up to just about anything. And, it’s black so it blends in and has a slick, professional look compared to your average aqua multi-mode and yellow single mode fiber.”

Along with the tactical fiber, PMC also stocks cable reels, outdoor termination hubs and other accessories.

About Pioneer Music Company

Pioneer Music Company is an established family-owned and operated business that has been fulfilling the needs of Midwest dealers and integrators for nearly 150 years. Founded in 1869 as a hardware implements retailer, today it is a wholesale business-to-business provider of high-quality consumer electronics products. Pioneer Music Company has expanded to serve many other industries including residential AV, automation, network distribution, surveillance, installation accessories, car electronics and more. Visit for more information.


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