Mickelle Schneider

(Acts like summer and walks like rain)

When I grow up I want to be:

Traveling around the world in a VW bus

The last great book I read:

Love Does by Bob Goff

Favorite food:


Significant people:

My family – especially my nieces and nephews. And of course my dog, Baxter.

Favorite movie:

Yes Man

Something unique:

I moved to China for 18 months because I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do after college. It’s what ignited my passion for travel.


Mickelle graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications with an emphasis on Advertising. After college, she spent three years at a Kansas City-based non profit where she learned significant hands-on experience in all aspects of marketing – from strategy and budgeting to social media and videography. Mickelle also has a passion for entrepreneurship, as she spent two years working in her hometown as an independent marketing consultant to local small businesses.

In her free time, Mickelle enjoys traveling (preferably overseas, but there’s much of the US she still hasn’t seen), hitting up the Happy Hour sushi special at Kona Grill, trying to convince people she’s a beer connoisseur, and hanging out with her dog, Baxter.