Matthew Vanberg

(I’m Here For It. Let’s Do This.)

When I grow up I want to be:

A stand-up comedian disguised As another stand-up comedian

The last great book I read:

She’s Come Undone

Favorite food:

Mom’s lasagna, anything free

Significant people:

Family (biological & chosen)

Favorite movie:


Something unique:

Met Rutger Hauer in a Delta Sky Club Lounge after getting bumped from an overbooked flight.


Matthew has been a marketing consultant for a number of local small businesses for the past five years. He has managed multiple digital marketing accounts and social media campaigns for live music venues, restaurants, law offices, manufacturing, and more.

Prior to taking a step out on his own, he worked for nearly 2 decades with his family’s business that manufactured and distributed repair mortar and coatings, primarily for agricultural applications. There, he evolved from production to marketing (as well as office tech support, operations, etc.), and ultimately became the Marketing Director for a handful of coatings companies.

As a marketing professional, Matthew embraces his inner weirdo and draws on his ability to zoom out and get a fresh perspective on projects. He strikes a balance between calculation and creativity to discover potential that may otherwise go overlooked. His never-done philosophy on living and learning helps keep him sharp and ready for any challenge thrust in his path.