Derek Couch photo

Derrick David

(Who’s got the chocolate?)

When I grow up I want to be:

An astronaut

The last great book I read:

Dads and Daughters by Joe Kelly

Favorite food:

Nachoooooos… Nachos with cheese or nachos with chicken or nachos with queso (or just add all 3!)

Significant people:

My daughter Kenzie, and a couple lifelong buddies

Favorite movie:

What Dreams May Come or Top Gun

Something unique:

Was a Girl Scout troop leader and cookie sales manager


Derrick David has a BFA in Advertising Design and has built a career around designing for several different markets and different sized clients. A large part of his career was spent in general aviation. He designed private jets and helicopters for clients all over the world — Jim Carrey, Paul Newman, the Sultan of Brunei and the King of Jordan to name a few.

Design has always been his passion and Derrick knew at a young age anything to do with creativity was going to be a big part his future endeavors. From the excitement of creating something that’s never existed to taking the perfect shot to experiencing that ‘happy accident’ which brings a design together – his passion is fueled by creation. He considers himself lucky to do what he loves every single day.

When not in the “creative mode” you will usually find Derrick hanging with his daughter, Kenzie, at Yogurtini or on a soccer field working on her foot drills. He loves photography, window shopping, is a bit of a neat freak and watches History Channel way too much! Derrick is a die-hard, life-long Royals fan and since moving to Kansas City in 2015 has became a Sporting KC and FCKC fan.