Outsourced Marketing Could Be the Solution to Your Hiring Woes

EAG, December 7, 2021

New York Times reported nearly 4.3 million workers voluntarily quit their jobs this fall, which is up from 4 million last July. Dubbed The Great Resignation, it’s a phenomenon unlike anyone has seen before, and it’s making filling marketing positions with competent marketers extremely difficult, if not impossible, for many business owners.

Companies are responding in many ways, and none of them are ideal. Some are simply leaving positions open and holding out until this Great Resignation ends. Will it? When will it? Some are hiring freelance marketers—web developers, content writers, search specialists, graphic designers, digital advertising consultants—to carry on with their marketing strategy. Who’s in charge of ensuring a cohesive campaign? Who’s responsible for the actual results? Are marketing specialists working in silo returning the best investment for your marketing budget? And, some are adding marketing responsibilities to current employees’ plates. Do they have the time and the expertise to succeed? Are you risking losing them to burn-out?

The unknowns right now are plenty. But, here’s what business owners know for sure: sales keep the doors open and marketing leads to sales.

Even if supply chain bottlenecks, recruiting employees and anything else in the cornucopia of challenges facing businesses today, outsourced marketing could be the solution to your hiring woes and more. Here’s how…

A small business marketing agency is a sure thing.

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who’ve heard stories of being ghosted by job applicants. It’s frustrating to put the time and resources into recruiting marketing employees, only to offer a job to a final candidate who disappears.

Instead of going back to square one, outsourced marketing to a small business marketing agency, like EAG Advertising, gives you instant access to every marketing position you need to fill. Our marketing team is full of subject matter experts, already proven, already vetted. Plus, there are more than 500 Kansas City small businesses who’ve worked with us, so our references are strong.

Outsourced marketing is most often less expensive than hiring even one in-house marketing manager. Not to mention the breadth of expertise gained.

Between base salary, employee benefits expenses and other costs associated with having a full-time employee, expect to spend upwards of $75,000 for a seasoned marketing manager in Kansas City. Manager is the keyword here. A marketing manager is skilled at managing marketing efforts, but does he or she know how to research keywords, create a SEO strategy around those keywords, design and write digital ads and landing pages for those keywords and so on and so on?

The same goes for website development and upkeep. For example, a marketing manager may be able to update an event page or post new blog content, but troubleshooting website issues or updating design is a job for a web developer.

Let us not forget Google. Google Certified search marketers constantly refine their skills and keeping up to date on Google’s best practices, which result in better outcomes.

Finally, everyone can write, but not everyone can write effectively for all aspects of content marketing and sales materials. Your messaging matters and compelling copywriting is essential to any marketing strategy.

Between all these marketing needs, can one marketing manager handle them all? Probably not, and even if he or she did, those tasks are too time intensive for one person to handle effectively. That means you can expect additional expenses for your marketing manager to find and hire experienced subject matter experts.

Comparable budget. All-inclusive outsourced marketing.

Typical outsourced marketing services from EAG Advertising & Marketing for B2B clients involve:

 Could outsourced marketing be the solution you’ve been looking for? Most likely, yes.


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