MKS Pipe and Valve Co. Announce Leadership Changes

EAG, May 15, 2020

Leadership changes at MKS Pipe and Valve Co. begin the next generation of commitment to excellence and service.

About Patrick Adams:

Patrick Adams, former President & CEO, becomes Chairman and Director of Special Projects. Steven Adams, former Executive Vice President, becomes President & CEO. “After nearly 50 years in the business, it is time for me to step aside from the day-to-day operations and let progress continue,” said Patrick Adams. “It has been a long, rewarding career and I am very thankful for all we have accomplished.” He began with MKS Pipe and Valve Co. in 1971 and led the company through its most significant history of growth and evolution.

About Steven Adams:

Steven Adams takes the helm as President and CEO after 10 years with MKS, serving in a variety of roles including Business Development Manager and Executive Vice President. Prior to joining MKS, Steven served in roles at Enterprise Fleet Management and GE Capital.

MKS Pipe and Valve

MKS Pipe and Valve Co.

“I am thrilled to step in and continue the legacy established by Patrick and the entire team at MKS,” said Steven. “This is a company built largely on the premise that teamwork is the key to success. It is my plan to continue to lead in the manner established by Patrick, leaning heavily on the strength of our team.”

In addition to leadership changes, MKS has embarked on a strategic growth initiative that includes the addition of new digital technology including an e-commerce platform intended to improve customer service and value.

About MKS Pipe and Valve Company:

Based in Kansas City, Kansas, MKS Pipe and Valve Co. has been a leading distributor of pipes, valves and fittings for more than 70 years. Recognized for their commitment to customer service and real-time communication, MKS customers span the Region – enabling same-day and just-in-time delivery of critical products in the supply chain. To learn more visit


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