What is the Best Marketing Model for Small Businesses?

EAG, October 8, 2020

Shuffling tasks and managing all aspects of small business operations leave you with more hats than you have places to hang. Maybe along the way, you’ve gained bits of information by self-educating on marketing. Eventually, clarity sets in that maybe you’re missing the bigger picture. Running a small business is about knowing where to find efficiencies in your time, budget and bandwidth.

Where to Start Looking for Marketing Clarity and Efficiency

It all starts with a plan centered on needs and a budget—always a budget. Marketing is the assemblage of technology, creativity and strategy, and it doesn’t come without a cost. Assessing your needs isn’t just about a dollar spent, but also a dollar lost when it comes to time management. Finding the right solution for you and your business can save you headaches in the long run and a better marketing ROI. That being said, your search begins with knowing the options for small business marketing models.

There are a Few Options…

Finding a marketing associate that meets your payroll needs, can keep up with design trends, social media marketing, copywriting and Google Ads will be a task within itself, and a costly one. Mastery takes time and reality dictates your unicorn will be too overwhelmed to meet any need with finesse. Should you find a unicorn, they will command a high salary and still require additional budget to execute marketing strategy.

A team of freelance professionals gives you experts in all fields, from copywriting to design to SEO. However, while the expertise may be valid, unity under a marketing plan and strategy would require additional effort, time, thought and communication. A siloed group of experts will still need a manager to keep them on-target and on-plan. If you assembled a team of the world’s best musicians, who would be the conductor? Who could manage and steer the team under one cohesive plan without compromising budget or adding to the payroll?

An outsource marketing department combines the best of both worlds, without the stressors of adding to your payroll and losing out on a strategic marketing plan. Following a cohesive plan and working as a team, an outsource marketing department makes efficient use of dollars and time by pinpointing needs, executing those needs and staying on budget. By outsourcing your marketing department, you have immediate access to a team of well-focused experts, educated on the latest trends and developments in the field. It’s a strategy that provides the resources of a high-dollar advertising agency on a small-business budget.

Are you ready to outsource your marketing department?



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