How To Make The Most of Google Analytics

EAG, June 2, 2022


EAG Advertising and Marketing Small Business Marketing Tip:

It’s not uncommon for small businesses to not know what is happening on their website. Google Analytics is a free marketing tool to help understand what marketing tactics are working and what ones may not be.

“How do you know what’s working from a marketing standpoint, especially when it comes to your website?

My name’s Jeff.

We’ve got a marketing tip for you today and I think you’re going to like it, because it’s also free.

When we start working with a new prospective client it’s not uncommon for them to not know what’s happening on their website.

We can fix that and we can fix it for free.

This is Google analytics. It’s the Google of analytics programs—an easy way to track and figure out what’s happening on your website when it comes to all the traffic like who comes to your website and what do they do when they get there. What kind of search terms drove them there? When do they abandon a cart or abandon a web form? How often do those people come back? What social channels are driving traffic to your website, and more importantly what social channels are actually driving sales? What content do people find valuable? Which tactics are actually working for you, and what wastes money so you can stop doing that.

Easy tip. Google analytics. Good luck.”

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