Little Red Corvette

EAG, July 13, 2020


Were you expecting to hear the sweet, soulful sounds of Prince’s Little Red Corvette?

We’ll we’d love to play that for you. But…we can’t and that’s because of something called…

Intellectual Property Law

Now in today’s video we don’t have time to dig into the complexities of trademark and copyright laws but we do have some tips on when you might want to consult a professional. 

For instance…

Are you planning to use any video clips, music or photography in your advertising? Be sure you’ve secured the rights to use those for their intended purposes. Violating somebody else’s protected material – the penalties are swift and costly. 

Are you planning to design a new logo for your company?  Be sure that you have completely original artwork. You’ll want to be 100% confident that you can legally use that logo before you invest in expensive signage or build a new website.

And finally, when in doubt – check it out. Do your research. We can’t say it enough – it’s not okay to steal or even borrow someone else’s creativity. 

Now, we’re not lawyers at EAG but we do know a few. So if you have any questions please call us.


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