The Benefits of Integrating Creative into an Ongoing Marketing Strategy

EAG, August 31, 2021

Results-driven marketing strategies make numbers sing, but what makes them sparkle? Think of who is most involved in your marketing meetings? For small business marketing, the obvious players are the marketing managers, digital marketing strategists and account people. However, creative people, like copywriters and graphic designers, should be there, too. Why?

Making a Case for Creativity

We’ve come a long way from drawing and ideating on cocktail napkins, though we may not miss a chance to if inspiration strikes. There’s more to creative work than a catchy headline and some cool visuals. As the experts in the room, creatives are constantly aware of what’s out there, what’s new, what can be done and what could be possible. The creative team’s work isn’t anecdotal, it’s methodical, inclusive and even beautiful.

For example, there’s a reason behind a short headline on a billboard because graphic designers know the average commuter can only read a maximum of 7 words while driving 70 miles per hour. Green and red are complementary colors, but in digital formats, this color combo doesn’t account for those with color blindness. With the creative team and their expertise in the room, money and time are saved because ideas can be kicked off with vision and efficiency.

Go Ahead and Create a Wish List for Creative Design Projects

Mulling over an idea for new headshots? Thinking about redesigning your logo? Even if there isn’t sufficient room in the current budget, letting a member of the creative team know what’s ahead will help them prep, research and concept a direction. The creative team helps you catch that spark of an idea and brainstorm ways to give it legs before the moment passes and is forgotten. Even a kernel of a concept can serve as the foundation for a new campaign. You just never know unless it’s discussed, so go ahead and create a wish list for creative design projects.

Fall in Love with Your Brand (or Rebrand) All Over Again

Small business owners tend to fall in love with their brands. After all, they reflect your “baby.” How do you know if it’s time or there’s a reason for a rebrand? Are there any nuances holding your brand back that could be tweaked for better brand recognition? What are the rules of branding and the benefits of rebranding? The creative team thinks logically, yet big. What if we kicked off a rebrand with a big party featuring live music, sidewalk art and a balloon photo booth? What if we made a video that tugged at heartstrings for a charitable cause? What if the next big idea is the one you hear from the creatives brainstorming in the room?

Creative Design for Small Business isn’t All Razzle Dazzle

You’re worried that the creative team is all razzle-dazzle. The razzle is fun, but the dazzle is in the practicality. Creatives can be practical and having one in the room during marketing strategy meetings can help identify roadblocks ahead or one staring you in the face now. Wanting to update your new site, but expect to hold off on designing until January? Maybe plan for a photo shoot in the spring, summer or fall to showcase the best of your people and business. Or, perhaps it’s enough to update the blog section with some fresh content and page layout.

Managers and strategists bring the numbers and results, but the creative team is behind the art, making up the marketing collateral and digital ads. In other words, creative draws your customers’ and prospects’ eyeballs.

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