Not Small at All

Design, Advertising and Creative Services Support In-House Marketing Teams

Clinical Reference Laboratory, Inc. (CRL) performs hundreds of thousands of lab tests every day for clients large and small. The lab operates facilities in North America and Europe with a staff of more than 450 associates working 24/7.

CRL serves many of the largest retail, transportation, pharmaceutical, healthcare and finance organizations in the world, analyzing well over 100 million tests a year with capacity for over 300 million tests annually.

So why would a globally recognized corporation need marketing support from EAG? Simple. Even the largest corporate in-house marketing departments need help from time to time. Having a trusted source to call on for design, advertising and creative services when your internal team is overloaded is invaluable, especially when they take the time to really understand your core services and mission like EAG does.

Brand Language and Positioning, Print Advertising, Sales Support Collateral