Mid-Market & Mature

Feel Free to Think of EAG as Your Very Own Marketing Department

Livers Bronze was founded in 1932, designing and manufacturing custom lighting fixtures, many of which are still illuminating some of Kansas City’s public buildings that date back to the depression era.

Over the years, Livers changed gears and began designing and manufacturing handrailing. What distinguishes them from every other handrailing company in the entire world is that every handrail and concept is created right here in the Midwest. All others are manufactured like cookie cutters overseas and shipped in boxes with instructions that need translating. This American made product and ingenuity is the epicenter of their marketing strategy and position.

Their website, marketing communications and social presence reflects Livers Bronze’s extraordinary design and unparalleled service. Symbolizing creativity, innovation and passion is key to using the company’s voice.

Livers Bronze is established enough to maintain an in-house marketing department. But why would they when they have EAG nearby that they can trust to market them as if our team were on their payroll. The company enjoys fresh ideas based on proven strategy, saving it from expensive (financial and reputation) missteps.

Mid-market and mature companies think of EAG as their very own marketing department. Only we don’t take up office space or leave our leftover lunches in the company fridge.

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