EAG Didn’t Create Outsourced Marketing; We Made It Better

EAG, July 28, 2021

Have you kept up with the new and emerging trends in marketing? Inbound marketing, customers as influencers, video content creation, native advertising, massive updates to Google’s search algorithm, user experience, personalization, to name a few. Marketing used to be a matter of staying the course and following best practices. Today, successful marketing requires being ahead, or at least in step, with new and emerging trends.

If you have an in-house marketing department, your team’s days are already jam packed with marketing strategy and plans, creating and sharing content, handling employee and customer communications, managing social media accounts, and analyzing and reporting results. To add the heavy lifting of keeping up to date on and implementing new marketing trends is a recipe for disaster. Some aspect of your marketing will go by the wayside. Some trend will be integrated that simply won’t work. And, time, money and opportunity will be wasted. If you don’t have an internal marketing team to handle all the above, whomever is tasked with marketing activities on top of their other role needs help.

For most problems, there are solutions. Outsourced marketing emerged to give businesses the marketing support they need. Like many outsourced services, outsourced marketing services are customizable to an individual business’s needs. The financial savings and improvement in marketing results alone are worth a serious look.

Outsourced Marketing has Madison Avenue Roots

As Kansas City’s earliest outsourced marketing firm, we’d love to say we invented it. The fact of the matter is that companies have been outsourcing their marketing for decades. Madison Avenue’s famous advertising agencies are indeed outsourced marketing agencies for the biggest enterprises in the world. Now, outsourcing marketing is accessible to nearly every business, not just the auto manufacturers, airlines and technology innovators of the world.

We’re Experts in Our Respective Marketing Fields

To build a marketing dream team, you’d have to recruit experts in specific marketing fields, including strategists, analysts, brand managers, PR professionals, event coordinators, SEO specialists, search specialists, digital advertising specialists, content writers, graphic designers and perhaps others. That’s a lot of experts who command equal salaries to their expertise level. And there is no guarantee that they’ll be able to stay current on new and emerging marketing trends. EAG plays a dual role as an outsourced marketing firm. We are your marketing dream team with experts on staff who create strategy and execute tactics, as well as embrace the part of our jobs to bring new ideas to the table when appropriate for your goals.

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We Ramp Up or Slow Down on Demand

For all the planning and forecasting in the world, there will be opportunities and setbacks that surprise you. Outsourced marketing is agile. Real world examples? A competitor closes its doors and digital ads targeting the competitor’s name are launched the same day with a special offer. A pandemic hits business hard and marketing can halt or scale back immediately until sales resume as normal. EAG acts as your in-house marketing, ready to pounce on opportunities and able to stop or cut back on a day’s notice without any hiring or laying off burden on you.

We’re an Entire Marketing Team for the Cost of One Marketing Manager

We’ve written ad nauseum about the cost of hiring a unicorn marketing manager for upwards of $75,000 versus putting that money toward an outsourced marketing budget. A marketing manager’s salary doesn’t even include retirement benefits, health insurance, vacation pay and other costs associated with in-house employees. There’s also the time and resources invested in recruiting, interviewing and training a marketing manager that add up. Let’s not forget investments and learning curves in marketing tools and media. Oh, and the cost to outsource the tasks the manager will simply manage, such as website updates, digital and print graphic design, copywriting or executing inbound marketing campaigns.

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We’re Accountable for Results

From monthly gym membership fees to salespeople’s salaries, no one pays for something for long that isn’t delivering measurable value. EAG uses marketing technology that shows what’s working and how well down to where visitors spend the most time on your website and how many users clicked on a digital ad to who opened your sales email and more. We send automated weekly and/or monthly reports and start many client meetings with cold, hard data.

We Bring Perspective, Experience and Cross-Industry Expertise to Your Marketing

EAG’s marketing team has various backgrounds, which only adds to our ability to relate to our clients and consumers. As a team, we’ve served more than 400 companies in industries from A to Z. Whether your business is just starting out, in need of a rebrand or an injection of fresh ideas and proven tactics, working with an outsourced marketing firm brings a much-needed outside perspective which works to your advantage.

It’s human nature to stick with what you know and stay in your comfort zone. So, if your marketing manager or team have experience in only your industry or a specific marketing field, your business is missing out on complementary tactics that could push your marketing to the next level. For example, if your in-house person came from HVAC and focuses on social media, but you’re in the hydraulics field, it’s likely you’re not reaching your target audience. Outsourcing your marketing to handle all your strategy and tactics results in a comprehensive approach or at least gives your in-house manager the support needed.

If you’re looking to create an overall marketing strategy, launch new digital marketing and social media campaigns, engage in effective content marketing or add new tactics to reach new audiences, an outsourced marketing agency is a better way to do all of these.

Are you ready to outsource your marketing department?


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