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Outsource Marketing ROI

Outsourcing Marketing Yields a Positive Return on Investment

Before we get to the good stuff on why outsourced marketing yields a positive return on your investment, let’s first address the elephant in this blog. Determining ROI on marketing is difficult. Not all marketing efforts directly result in a…

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Are You Spending Money on Sending Search and Social Traffic to Your Site?

Slow down on the spending and focus first on your landing pages. As advertisers, we want to focus as much of our time and budget as possible on sending prospects to our website. But if the page you’re sending prospects…

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Important Notice for Website Owners

Not to get all techy on you, but Google has ramped up its efforts to encourage owners of websites that involve any kind of user input to add site-wide Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Starting this October, non-secure sites will have…

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The Best Website Companies in Overland Park May Not Actually be in Overland Park

Searching for the perfect website company in Overland Park? There is no shortage of them from which to choose. But your perfect fit may be just outside your geographical borders. With the nature of website development services, you should be…

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You’re Losing 98% of Your Website Leads and the Sky is Falling

Hi, From what I can tell, you are doing a lot of great marketing, but around 98 percent of leads to your website are leaving without taking any action on your site. I can show you how, through reverse IP…

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A man holding a mobile device displaying a mobile-friendly and responsive website.

Who Cares if Your Website is Responsive & Mobile-Friendly?

Google and 1/3 of polled Americans do. So just when you thought you had your website tweaked to perfection, those crafty folks out in Mountain View, CA have done it again… Google has released yet another ranking factor (believe it…

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Why User Experience (UX) Matters To Small Business

A Great Website Begins with the Customer, Not the Company Websites used to be built with two main guiding principles: What the company thought was awesome about themselves and what they thought customers wanted to see. But there’s a new…

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