Do All You Can with Your Nonprofit Blog

How to Develop a Strategic, Somewhat Future-Proof Nonprofit Marketing Plan for the Future

The strategic marketing planning process, the way we’ve known it thus far, may be becoming inadequate for nonprofits. Any marketer will tell you that to stay contemporary with customers, you can’t just react to change. You must anticipate change. The…

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Does your content set you apart?

Is Your Website Content Your Own?

Never duplicate content. Also, never duplicate content. “What sets (REDACTED NAME) apart from everyone else? We provide complete online marketing AND branding packages that free you up to focus on your most important revenue-generating activities. PLUS, we’re unique because we…

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Email Marketing Demands Attention

Why Email Marketing Services Demand Attention

When it comes to representing your brand, don’t underestimate the power of email marketing. Mistakes happen, but as any email marketing agency will tell you, a simple mistake has the power to truly damage your brand. For example, in May…

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Emotional Marketing

How Emotional Marketing Helps You Stick in Your Customer’s Mind

“Tell me somethin’, girl…are you happy in this modern world?” Does reading that line automatically make you finish the song? Or go watch Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga fall in love? Even if it isn’t quite your thing, that one…

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Are You Doing All You Can with Your Nonprofit Blog?

It’s the standard for every website (nonprofit or for profit) these days to have a blog—but are you getting the most mileage from yours? Blogs can be incredible marketing tools. In fact, they can be the most powerful element of…

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Advertising Agency Code of Conduct

The Small Business Advertising Agency Code of Conduct

Before hiring an advertising agency or marketing firm for your small business, ask if they honor the advertising agency code of conduct. Why the need for an advertising agency code of conduct? A code sets of rules, outlining the norms,…

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Magnum System's New Brand Development

Two Companies Come Together Under One Name as Part of New Brand Strategy

Here’s the story of a packaging company who was manufacturing packaging equipment. All the customers trusted Taylor Products, like generations before. The company was sold. It’s the story of a company named Smoot who was busy with pneumatic conveying equipment…

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A Couple Applies EAG’s Big Brand Strategies to Start Their Family

Having applied big brand strategies to market small businesses for over a decade, we thought we’d worked with just about every industry in the marketplace. And then came the summer of 2015… A couple filled out the contact form on…

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10 Things to Expect When Hiring Your First Marketing Employee

In every business lifecycle comes the time when do-it-yourself marketing becomes unwieldy, cumbersome or simply too much for the average business owner to handle. Or perhaps due to aggressive growth and business maturity, the business owner decides it’s time to…

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Google Brings Targeted Ads To Fiber TV

Advertising on television is a tricky endeavor. When you’re investing in commercial production and airtime, Kansas City business owners want proof of performance, not a guesstimate on results and return on investment. What’s a brand to do in order to…

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