Social Media

Are You Doing All You Can with Your Nonprofit Blog?

It’s the standard for every website (nonprofit or for profit) these days to have a blog—but are you getting the most mileage from yours? Blogs can be incredible marketing tools. In fact, they can be the most powerful element of…

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To Boost a Post or To Not Boost a Post

What’s the Difference Between a Boosted Facebook Post and a Paid Facebook Ad?

In early 2018, Facebook changed the way their algorithm works to encourage peer-to-peer communication at the expense of how many people a company may be able to reach, even if a person “likes” that particular small business. All that to…

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Social media has become a vital part of business branding.

Is Your Social Media Marketing Expert Really an Expert?

It seems like everyone’s a social media expert these days. But just because they’re on Facebook and have umpteen thousand followers or call themselves an influencer doesn’t mean they can develop and execute a social media marketing campaign. After all,…

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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Under Fire. Should Your Business Advertise on Facebook?

Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware) By Paul Weber, EAG Advertising & Marketing CEO Facebook is under fire. Just yesterday a client expressed concerns that our marketing plans for his consumer product included Facebook social programming and advertising. This was…

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Content Marketing: Crafting a Story for Your Business
Just be Yourself, Really

“People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it’s the other way around.” – Terry Pratchett

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They Like Me. They Really Like Me.

How do Kansas City advertising agencies rank when it comes to social media love? Our advertising agency, EAG Advertising & Marketing, has some Facebook friends (Likes) and Twitter followers. Until recently, we didn’t pay much attention to Twitter and our…

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Help Save LinkedIn From Extinction

Remember drop-in sales calls? Armed with nothing more than a stack of business cards, eager (if not slightly desperate) sales people would target the tallest office building, go to the top floor and work their way down making very cold…

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#Deadbeat. Social Media as a Bill Collector?

In January of 2010, feeling a little frustrated with a non-paying client, I wrote a blog entry questioning whether or not social media should be used to chastise those who don’t pay. It looks like somebody has finally snapped and…

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Social Media is Fine but People Want Choice

Social media is fine but people want choices. Today I was speaking to a group of business start-ups when the question was asked, “With everyone texting and tweeting, shouldn’t I focus on social media for launching my new business.”

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