Outsourced Marketing

Who Works at an Outsourced Marketing Agency?

The concept of outsourced marketing makes a lot of sense in today’s business environment. As businesses grow and scale, keeping pace with the fast-paced and ongoing algorithmic changes of digital marketing is itself a full-time job. Add to that the…

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Outsourced Marketing

EAG Didn’t Create Outsourced Marketing; We Made It Better

Have you kept up with the new and emerging trends in marketing? Inbound marketing, customers as influencers, video content creation, native advertising, massive updates to Google’s search algorithm, user experience, personalization, to name a few. Marketing used to be a…

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Outsource Marketing ROI

Outsourcing Marketing Yields a Positive Return on Investment

Before we get to the good stuff on why outsourced marketing yields a positive return on your investment, let’s first address the elephant in this blog. Determining ROI on marketing is difficult. Not all marketing efforts directly result in a…

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Sheep 2

Is Your Website Content Your Own?

Never duplicate content. Also, never duplicate content. “What sets (REDACTED NAME) apart from everyone else? We provide complete online marketing AND branding packages that free you up to focus on your most important revenue-generating activities. PLUS, we’re unique because we…

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ContentMarketing Thumb 400x273

A Down and Dirty Crash Course on Content

Content. Content. Content. You hear that ambiguous word pop up in every conversation about marketing. It’s even strung together as content marketing. What is Content?  You probably have an idea of what it is, but if asked to define it,…

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EAG boxing

He Said. She Said.

Paul Weber and Brenda Heffron have collaborated on award-winning copy for all media. Finally, they face off to debate content marketing to the sexes. She Said: Explain “mansplaining” to me. I dare you. He Said: I’m pretty sure that was…

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Content Writing THUMB

Six Reasons Why Good Content Writing for Blogs Has Gone Bad

Tag team written by Paul Weber and Brenda Heffron. 1. Everyone creates lists ad nauseam. Lists. Lists. Everywhere lists. For the grocery store. Things to do. Your bucket list. And content writing for blogs. Everyone is creating lists ad nauseam…

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great content1

A Catalyst for Fierce Contemporary Digital Marketing

Fierce Digital Marketing With Contemporary Content A business website hasn’t been a marketing luxury for years now. It is a catalyst for business success, much like a Yellow Pages listing was back in the day. For many of your customers,…

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Ivy League Words

Ivy League Words Belong in College Papers, Not Your Marketing Copy

“The enterprise’s comprehensive array of services capitalizes on and incorporates best practices and solutions to leverage your assets to their fullest capacity stimulating growth and profits.” Trying saying that five times fast. Better yet, read it five times and see…

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The Value of Content THUMB

The Value of Content Marketing for Small Business

Chances are you’ve been inundated with blog posts, Facebook ads and unsolicited email pitches hammering away at the importance of content marketing… how it impacts new and prospective customers, affects your website’s search results and even helps you attract new…

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