Outsourced Marketing

Outsourced Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing marketing and advertising services is blossoming among small and medium sized businesses. Recently we’ve been asked a host of new questions as companies evaluate the pros and cons of outsourced marketing. In no particular order, here are the most…

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How Much Does Outsourced Marketing Cost?

For small business owners considering outsourced marketing to replace or supplement their in-house marketing needs, the fear of unknown costs can be prohibitive. Informed decisions are made based on knowledge, so we’re offering a very practical approach to help you…

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Making Rational and Emotional Appeals in Marketing

There is a good reason why consumers in general feel like a number. It is because they are so often seen and treated as one. Sales and marketing become formulaic. To get X number of sales then Y number of…

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EAG advertising and Southwest

Southwest Airlines and EAG. Lots of LUV.

By Paul Weber. We were recently paid the highest of compliments. A person with great knowledge of both EAG Advertising & Marketing and the airline said that EAG was the “Southwest Airlines” of advertising agencies in Kansas City. This comment…

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Advertising Agency Code of Conduct

The Small Business Advertising Agency Code of Conduct

Before hiring an advertising agency or marketing firm for your small business, ask if they honor the advertising agency code of conduct. Why the need for an advertising agency code of conduct? A code sets of rules, outlining the norms,…

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outsource your small business marketing

Why Outsource Your Small Business Marketing? Let Us Explain the Reasons Why

For more than 15 years, our 300-plus small businesses have outsourced their marketing to EAG Advertising & Marketing. Those numbers alone lead us to hope outsourced marketing is understood by everyone by now, but we know it’s a concept still…

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Digital Marketing Thumb

Should I Use Different Agencies For Different Types of Digital Marketing?

There’s a debate that surfaces every few years about outsourcing digital marketing. Should one agency handle all my digital marketing? Or should I outsource pay per click (PPC marketing) to one firm? Use another firm for display ad marketing? And…

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What’s the Best Investment for Your Marketing Dollar? Let’s Compare.

Help Wanted A fast-growing, mid-size company is looking to hire our first marketing employee. Up to now we have depended on our company owner for marketing leadership and a series of freelance designers, writers and web programmers to create our…

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10 Things to Expect When Hiring Your First Marketing Employee

In every business lifecycle comes the time when do-it-yourself marketing becomes unwieldy, cumbersome or simply too much for the average business owner to handle. Or perhaps due to aggressive growth and business maturity, the business owner decides it’s time to…

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