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Should I Use Different Agencies For Different Types of Digital Marketing?

There’s a debate that surfaces every few years about outsourcing digital marketing. Should one agency handle all my digital marketing? Or should I outsource pay per click (PPC marketing) to one firm? Use another firm for display ad marketing? And…

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What’s the Best Investment for Your Marketing Dollar? Let’s Compare.

Help Wanted A fast-growing, mid-size company is looking to hire our first marketing employee. Up to now we have depended on our company owner for marketing leadership and a series of freelance designers, writers and web programmers to create our…

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10 Things to Expect When Hiring Your First Marketing Employee

In every business lifecycle comes the time when do-it-yourself marketing becomes unwieldy, cumbersome or simply too much for the average business owner to handle. Or perhaps due to aggressive growth and business maturity, the business owner decides it’s time to…

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