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Content Marketing Article

A Down and Dirty Crash Course on Content

Content. Content. Content. You hear that ambiguous word pop up in every conversation about marketing. It’s even strung together as content marketing. What is Content?  You probably have an idea of what it is, but if asked to define it,…

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Retail Marketing Article

Brick & Mortar Shopping in a Digital World

Whether you manage a retail shopping center or a single retail store, or are responsible for retail marketing, you’re keenly aware of how online purchases have been eating away at in-person shopping for years. Giants like Amazon give shoppers the…

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Red Carpet Crime Scene

Celebrity Catfight

Hardly what you were expecting to see, right? Imagine you were lucky enough to attend a Hollywood red carpet event the same night Beyoncé and Lady Gaga had a massive throw-down. What would you do? This is an example of…

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Content Marketing: Crafting a Story for Your Business
Just be Yourself, Really

“People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it’s the other way around.” – Terry Pratchett

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Why Google is Wrong to Stop Payday Loan Ads

Does anyone dare tell Google they are wrong these days? Doubtful, but Google’s recent announcement that they will no longer accept ads from payday loan companies is a bad step and one well beyond their right as a media company….

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Google Running Ads Out of Town on the Rail

Can Small Businesses Survive a Higher Competitive Bid Environment? Google is eliminating the right rail ads, which may mean a 4th ad position at the top of the page for desktop users. Google Ads will run at the top and…

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SEO professionals working behind a desk peering over a computer.

SEO & Taxes: Leave Both To Professionals

You start out as a small business with few employees and some pretty straightforward tax reporting. If you’re like a lot of small business owners, you plug along for a while doing much of the accounting work yourself and consulting…

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Digital Marketing strategy as applied by professionals in a b2b setting

Digital Marketing Strategy: What to Punt & Run With

Using Million Dollar Super Bowl Digital Marketing Strategy as a Guinea Pig for Small Businesses. Our tagline since the day EAG’s doors opened for business in 2003 has been “Big Brand Strategies for Small Business.” More than a motto, it’s…

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A Couple Applies EAG’s Big Brand Strategies to Start Their Family

Having applied big brand strategies to market small businesses for over a decade, we thought we’d worked with just about every industry in the marketplace. And then came the summer of 2015… A couple filled out the contact form on…

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2016 digital marketing trends are shown on a calendar with important dates in black with red pen

Coming Soon: 5 Digital Marketing Trends

Here’s a sneak peek at the 2016 digital marketing trends coming to small business owners everywhere, more or less. It’s that time of year when advertising agencies and businesses are producing their blockbuster marketing strategies for the upcoming year. The…

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