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The Rules of Permission-Based Email Marketing

The Rules of Permission-Based Email Marketing

There won’t be a test, but there are consequences for not following them. Anyone who has an email address (that’s everyone) knows the frustration of receiving emails from small businesses that haven’t followed the rules of permission-based email marketing. Spam…

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Email Marketing Demands Attention

Why Email Marketing Services Demand Attention

When it comes to representing your brand, don’t underestimate the power of email marketing. Mistakes happen, but as any email marketing agency will tell you, a simple mistake has the power to truly damage your brand. For example, in May…

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Are You Doing All You Can with Your Nonprofit Blog?

It’s the standard for every website (nonprofit or for profit) these days to have a blog—but are you getting the most mileage from yours? Blogs can be incredible marketing tools. In fact, they can be the most powerful element of…

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Should I Use Different Agencies For Different Types of Digital Marketing?

There’s a debate that surfaces every few years about outsourcing digital marketing. Should one agency handle all my digital marketing? Or should I outsource pay per click (PPC marketing) to one firm? Use another firm for display ad marketing? And…

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Digital Summit KC - Digital Marketing Strategies

Informational Nuggets EAGers Took Away from the 2018 Digital Summit KC

We believe in ongoing education and training. It’s especially critical with digital marketing strategies, because algorithms and landscapes change frequently. We sent six EAGers to Digital Summit Kansas City to stay on top of our game. Here are their key…

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Where You Should Spend (and Save) Money in Video Production

Video content is attention-grabbing and, if done right, immediately engaging. The bottom line? If you’re not currently planning to include video production in your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on an incredibly effective way to engage with your online audiences….

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Content Marketing Article

A Down and Dirty Crash Course on Content

Content. Content. Content. You hear that ambiguous word pop up in every conversation about marketing. It’s even strung together as content marketing. What is Content?  You probably have an idea of what it is, but if asked to define it,…

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Retail Marketing Article

Brick & Mortar Shopping in a Digital World

Whether you manage a retail shopping center or a single retail store, or are responsible for retail marketing, you’re keenly aware of how online purchases have been eating away at in-person shopping for years. Giants like Amazon give shoppers the…

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Red Carpet Crime Scene

Celebrity Catfight

Hardly what you were expecting to see, right? Imagine you were lucky enough to attend a Hollywood red carpet event the same night Beyoncé and Lady Gaga had a massive throw-down. What would you do? This is an example of…

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Content Marketing: Crafting a Story for Your Business
Just be Yourself, Really

“People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it’s the other way around.” – Terry Pratchett

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