Digital Marketing

Hold Them

Small Business Advertising: Know When to Hold It and When to Fold It

There are a handful of us at EAG Advertising & Marketing who are or have been small business owners. We know the internal struggle business owners battle every day. Entrepreneurs at heart, we can be control freaks, fighting the if-you-want-it-done-right-do-it-yourself…

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Outsourced Marketing

EAG Didn’t Create Outsourced Marketing; We Made It Better

Have you kept up with the new and emerging trends in marketing? Inbound marketing, customers as influencers, video content creation, native advertising, massive updates to Google’s search algorithm, user experience, personalization, to name a few. Marketing used to be a…

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Correctly Market Your Business

How to Correctly Market Your Business with a Lead Generation Focus

The inclusion of “correctly” in the title infers there is an incorrect way to market your business. Unlike all publicity is good publicity; not all marketing is good marketing, especially if you define “good” by the number of leads that…

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IP Targeting

IP Targeting & Direct Mail Tracking: The Marketing Equivalent of Shooting Fish in a Barrel

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker We use that quote a lot. You’ll find it on our website and in our proposals. Our job as an outsourced…

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Outsource Marketing ROI

Outsourcing Marketing Yields a Positive Return on Investment

Before we get to the good stuff on why outsourced marketing yields a positive return on your investment, let’s first address the elephant in this blog. Determining ROI on marketing is difficult. Not all marketing efforts directly result in a…

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Teddy Bears and SEO

What Exactly Is Your Intent With That Teddy Bear?

Knowing whether users are looking for specific information or general knowledge can make or break your digital advertising success (and budget). Recently, Google posted a blog about how they are improving search results by improving the way Google Search understands…

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Are You Spending Money on Sending Search and Social Traffic to Your Site?

Slow down on the spending and focus first on your landing pages. As advertisers, we want to focus as much of our time and budget as possible on sending prospects to our website. But if the page you’re sending prospects…

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Buying an Email List? Don’t. Just Don’t.

The cardinal sins and golden rules of email list marketing. There are a lot of marketing companies out there more than happy to pad your email marketing platform numbers by selling you an email list. The list might include recipients’…

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The Rules of Permission-Based Email Marketing

There won’t be a test, but there are consequences for not following them. Anyone who has an email address (that’s everyone) knows the frustration of receiving emails from small businesses that haven’t followed the rules of permission-based email marketing. Spam…

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Email Marketing Demands Attention

Why Email Marketing Services Demand Attention

When it comes to representing your brand, don’t underestimate the power of email marketing. Mistakes happen, but as any email marketing agency will tell you, a simple mistake has the power to truly damage your brand. For example, in May…

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