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Marketing Tasks: What Makes Sense to Outsource

Look at your marketing plan. (You have one, right? If not, you can outsource developing one. We’ll get to that later.) What do you see? A mix of content marketing, digital marketing, social media, outreach and link building, and perhaps…

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Notes, thoughts and great advice from peers, clients and other really smart people.

Thoughts and Conversations

From EAG, Our Clients and Other Marketers We’ve been collecting notes, thoughts and great advice from peers, clients and other really smart people. For what it’s worth – here is a short collection. Workforce Recovery Unprecedented unemployment is creating a…

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Angela Ridpath and Katie Heinen Join EAG Advertising & Marketing in Leadership and Account Roles to Support Growing Client Roster

April 6, 2020 (KANSAS CITY, MO) – EAG Advertising & Marketing, Kansas City’s first outsourced marketing department for small businesses, announces today that Angela Ridpath has joined the team as vice president of client services and Katie Heinen as account…

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What Exactly Is Your Intent With That Teddy Bear?

Knowing whether users are looking for specific information or general knowledge can make or break your digital advertising success (and budget). Recently, Google posted a blog about how they are improving search results by improving the way Google Search understands…

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Pandemic-Resistant Marketing Plans

By Paul Weber In a crisis, virus, financial or otherwise, here’s how to adjust your marketing plan to stay calm and advertise on. Coronavirus is having ripple effects on the economy to which businesses of all sizes are not immune….

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Are You Spending Money on Sending Search and Social Traffic to Your Site?

Slow down on the spending and focus first on your landing pages. As advertisers, we want to focus as much of our time and budget as possible on sending prospects to our website. But if the page you’re sending prospects…

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NoDegree 1x

In Lieu of a Degree, EAG Advertising & Marketing Weigh Applicants’ Experience

EAG Advertising & Marketing, a 15-year old advertising agency, joins the ranks of companies that no longer require job candidates to have a college degree as a prerequisite for employment. In 2018, the job search site Glassdoor compiled a list…

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Southwest Airlines and EAG. Lots of LUV.

By Paul Weber. We were recently paid the highest of compliments. A person with great knowledge of both EAG Advertising & Marketing and the airline said that EAG was the “Southwest Airlines” of advertising agencies in Kansas City. This comment…

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How Marketing Increases (and Decreases) Your Business’s Value Come Selling Time

Make no mistake, business value boils down to EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization). EBITDA is the metric by which most companies are valued at the time of their sale. Nevertheless, the value of a business can drop…

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What We Learned from Working at Big Advertising Agencies

And How We Adapt Our Knowledge For Small Business Marketing Nearly every EAG Advertising & Marketing employee has a large advertising agency or corporate marketing department position on his or her resume. Our clients and our own agency gain immeasurable…

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