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Are You Spending Money on Sending Search and Social Traffic to Your Site?

Slow down on the spending and focus first on your landing pages. As advertisers, we want to focus as much of our time and budget as possible on sending prospects to our website. But if the page you’re sending prospects…

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In Lieu of a Degree, EAG Advertising & Marketing Weigh Applicants’ Experience

EAG Advertising & Marketing, a 15-year old advertising agency, joins the ranks of companies that no longer require job candidates to have a college degree as a prerequisite for employment. In 2018, the job search site Glassdoor compiled a list…

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EAG advertising and Southwest

Southwest Airlines and EAG. Lots of LUV.

By Paul Weber. We were recently paid the highest of compliments. A person with great knowledge of both EAG Advertising & Marketing and the airline said that EAG was the “Southwest Airlines” of advertising agencies in Kansas City. This comment…

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Business Value

How Marketing Increases (and Decreases) Your Business’s Value Come Selling Time

Make no mistake, business value boils down to EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization). EBITDA is the metric by which most companies are valued at the time of their sale. Nevertheless, the value of a business can drop…

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Experience Working At Big Agencies Influences Our Small Business Marketing

What We Learned from Working at Big Advertising Agencies

And How We Adapt Our Knowledge For Small Business Marketing Nearly every EAG Advertising & Marketing employee has a large advertising agency or corporate marketing department position on his or her resume. Our clients and our own agency gain immeasurable…

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Kansas City's Fastest-Growing Companies

What It Means to be One of Kansas City’s 50 Fastest-Growing Companies

By: Paul Weber, EAG Advertising & Marketing CEO The Kansas City Business Journal will publish this year’s list of Kansas City’s fastest-growing companies on August 10, 2018. The list has already been released, but the August 10th edition will show…

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Ask Your Doctor if Social Media is Right for You

Warning: Side Effects Include Significant Self-Editing and Exposure to Trolls There’s a lot that goes into a small business social media strategy. Channels, frequency and what to post all go into the mix. Which channels to use, how often and…

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Kansas City Litigation Services Firms Join Forces

Two well-known names in court reporting and litigation services, Sandra Kaderly and Kelly Rexroat, come together as The Cooper Group expands in Kansas City.  Kansas City, MO (August 9, 2017) – – Today, The Cooper Group, a Kansas City litigation…

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Kansas City Business Journal: 3 tips to build a big brand on a small budget

EAG Advertising & Marketing has a knack for small business marketing. The Kansas City agency has carved out a niche and prides itself on “big brand strategies for small business.” Founder and CEO Paul Weber shares tips for acting like…

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EAG Advertising & Marketing Announces New Clients

EAG Advertising & Marketing (EAG), Kansas City’s only advertising agency devoted to small businesses, announces three new clients. The firm welcomes Likarda, Clancey Design Distributor and Splashtacular to its client roster. Likarda Likarda is the world-class, cutting edge biotech research…

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