Graphic Design

Hold Them

Small Business Advertising: Know When to Hold It and When to Fold It

There are a handful of us at EAG Advertising & Marketing who are or have been small business owners. We know the internal struggle business owners battle every day. Entrepreneurs at heart, we can be control freaks, fighting the if-you-want-it-done-right-do-it-yourself…

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Outsource Marketing ROI

Outsourcing Marketing Yields a Positive Return on Investment

Before we get to the good stuff on why outsourced marketing yields a positive return on your investment, let’s first address the elephant in this blog. Determining ROI on marketing is difficult. Not all marketing efforts directly result in a…

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Logo Design Article

How much does a logo cost? – A lot, if you make a bad decision.

Good design isn’t cheap. Bad design can be costly. We don’t know who originally said it but we’re giving our art director Derrick credit for reminding us; you get what you pay for. Never has this been truer than in…

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Congratulations! It’s PANTONE Colors of the Year

Pantone Color Institute® might as well have announced 2016’s PANTONE Colors of the Year in a birth announcement. Rose Quartz, a pink color of which baby showers for baby girls are made of, and Serenity, the traditional light blue of…

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The Art of Lampshade-Free Photos

As professional advertisers and marketers, we always recommend and prefer professional photography. The results are far superior for use on small business websites and print marketing pieces. That being said, we also understand that many small business owners are choosing…

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The Secrets Behind Good Logo Design That Nobody Ever Tells You

Maybe we’re being a little melodramatic with the secretive part? Perhaps logo design is fresh in our minds because we’ve sat across the table from clients revealing their brand spanking new logos a lot lately. Across the board, our graphic…

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Font Usage: You’re Doing It Wrong!

Psst…we have a secret to tell you…your fonts are wrong! That’s right. When it comes to fonts, you’re doing it wrong. Well, not you specifically perhaps. But enough examples exist in the public eye that we feel it’s our civic…

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Just the Right Color

“In order to create ‘magic’ in the marketplace that ultimately leads to capturing the consumer’s eye, colors for 2013 will need to coax and cajole, soothe or astonish, renew and replenish.” That’s according to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color…

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