Working at Home with a One Year-old

EAG, May 29, 2020


Hi, I’m Erin with EAG. Welcome to “EAG at Your Service”. For this video we’re going to skip the advertising and marketing talk and instead tackle something else that’s near and dear to my heart – working at home with a one year-old. The first rule of working at home with a one-year old: don’t include them in your video conferences and your projects. I mean, that could just be really distracting. Of course, that’s also impossible.

So, the real rule number one; there are no rules!

But, I have picked up a couple tricks along the way. (Rule number two) I have found that the bathtub is actually a nicely contained little play area for your kiddo. You use the throne as your desktop and the kiddo’s happy. You knock out some emails, it buys you maybe 15-30 minutes.

Now, if you happen to have your kid on a regular nap schedule, awesome. Schedule your conference calls then! Lay your little angel down in their bed, kiss them on the forehead, get yourself a cup of coffee, girl, and get back to your desk. Then, just take one little moment to say a quick little prayer to everything that is holy and beautiful in this world, that THEY WILL JUST STAY ASLEEP! Okay. Got a little carried away on that one. But you get it. I know you do!

Rule number three. Do include your kiddo when you’re talking with your boss on video calls. Remind them how dedicated you are to your work. Remind them you are actually juggling a lot, and, you know, just subtly remind them that you are one baaad mother!


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