Wash Your Hands. Clean Your Data.

EAG, May 21, 2020



Hi, I’m Erin with EAG, welcome to EAG, at your service. Are you tired of spending endless hours washing your hands, day in and day out? Yeah? Too bad! You have to keep doing it. And while you’re practicing impeccable hygiene, I want to challenge you to add something else to your regimen – that’s right, list hygiene.

We’re talking databases, CRMs, wherever your prospects live. You name it, it’s one of those fundamental things that our clients always want to get to, but it gets pushed to the back-burner. Well, now is a great time to focus on that.

Where do you begin? Start with your last email that went out. It should be easy to identify people who bounced and were undelivered. You can clean out anybody who you know has left the company they used to be at. And of course, you’ll want to look for typos; there might still be valuable people who are just not getting your information. And who knows, that prospect list might just have your next best customer!

So go on, roll up those sleeves (you can do it Miami Vice style, like me) and get to work cleaning your database!

If you need any help, just send us a message at the end of this video.

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