Assel Grant Services CEO, Julie Assel, Becomes a Grant Professionals Association Approved Trainer

EAG, September 18, 2019

Assel Grant Services announces that their CEO and senior writer, Julie Assel, is now a Grant Professionals Association (GPA) Approved Trainer. The Approved Trainer program is designed to arm grant professionals with training resources that align with the Grant Professional Certification Institute’s® (GPCI) competencies and skills, which help them develop, write, submit, and manage grant proposals and funding on behalf of nonprofits, governments and other agencies.

Additionally, the GPCI has recognized Assel Grant Services as an Accepted Provider, and Assel Grant Services provided trainings and workshops that teach the GPC competencies and skills are accepted for continuing education points. Each hour of training in one of these approved training programs provides the attendees one point of Certificate Maintenance Program (CMP) credit.

The GPCI administers the Grant Professional Certification (GPC), a National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accredited credential that measures an individual’s ability to provide quality grant-related services within an ethical framework. The GPCI accomplishes its mission through the identification of grant professionals who display outstanding expertise and ethical practices as measured by a psychometrically valid and reliable assessment tool.

Assel Grant Services regularly provides in person and online trainings to nonprofit organizations and nonprofit networking associations. A range of webinars and recorded trainings are available for purchase on the Assel Grant Services website. These trainings align with the GPCI competencies and skills, and focus on areas such as research, developing strategies for project design, effective grant construction and more. They address multiple skills within a competency, interrelated skills across competencies, or a specific skill within a competency in great detail. A free professional development planning tool based on the GPCI’s validated competencies and skills is available to help professionals determine their areas of need and create a professional development plan to grow in areas where they have the least knowledge, experience, or comfort.

“Professional development and coaching are the best ways for grant professionals and nonprofit professionals to hone their grantsmanship. Highly effective professional development ensures that professionals can use the new strategies they’ve learned, immediately. Professional development should fit in with the learners’ needs and long-term goals, and these training designations bring validation to the quality of the training we provide,” said Assel.


Assel Grant Services is an industry-leading consulting firm based in the Greater Kansas City Metro specializing in grant research, proposal creation and application for nonprofits, school districts and institutions of higher education. The Assel Grant Services team is a highly efficient, expert group of experienced grant writers and researchers who specialize in private and public grant programs in areas as diverse as human services, arts, education, and healthcare research. Assel Grant Services has secured more than $163 million over the last 13 years alone for local, regional and national clients.

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