Meet the team

We come from many different places and often, different perspectives. Scroll, then click to read our stories.

Paul profile
Paul with toy on shoulder
Paul Weber Chief Strategy Officer
Michele profile image
Michele with skeleton drawn on hand
Michele Markham President
Jeff Randolph VP/Director of Client Services
Candi profile image
Candi throwing money
Candace Sheldon Agency Administrator
Cinda profile image
Cinda acting like a fish
Cinda Fisher Account Director
Heather profile image
Heather wearing hat
Heather Silliman Account Director
Brenda profile
Brenda in wrestler mask
Brenda Heffron Content Director
Erin profile image
Erin tossing hair
Erin Dechman Digital Account Executive
Wynn profile image
Wynn eating Thai food
Wynn Shepard Digital Product Manager
Ashley profile image
Ashley throwing up peace signs
Ashley Tebbe Art Director
Valerie profile image
Valerie with headphones
Valerie Schlosser Director of Search Marketing
Audrey profile image
Audrey holding notebook
Audrey Gardner Account Executive
Derrick David Art Director
Logan Grieder Account Executive
Erin Fletcher Account Director