Websites & Internet Marketing Strategies

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of options to create a website and other online marketing tools. But building a website without incorporating your brand can be ineffective at best. If you build it, will they come? Not without search engine optimization, a pay-per-click strategy or other methods to drive traffic. Small business websites require even greater energy and understanding of the marketplace to make sure that your site competes with the big guys.

What’s the most important aspect of developing a compelling website that will grow your business?  Is it finding a masterful programmer?  Is it creating a cool design with flying saucers and magic tricks and engaging video examples?  Perhaps it’s filling the site full of every social media application you can find?  Or could it be none of the above?

Compelling websites that sell, all have something to say.  We believe that website development begins with expert copywriting that puts ideas on paper long before a programmer joins the conversation.  By the way, Google search also thinks good copywriting is a good idea.

PPC marketing is important, but search engine optimization is what we are all seeking.  That is, how do I get my website #1 on Google search for the keywords and phrases that my customers use most?  The first step is to determine what words and phrases your customers are using and then to write your website in a compelling manner that speaks to your audience in their voice but also in a way that interests a search engine.  Remember, a search engine is not human.   Here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at search engine copywriting:

Dear Mr. Google,

We are a Kansas City advertising agency and would love to know how to best use your search engine. Not to find a Kansas City advertising agency, but to help promote our own local advertising agency services. You see, we’re really confused about how search engine alogarithms connect our local advertising agency with small business searching for advertising services in the Kansas City area.

To be specific, we are trying to attract small business in Kansas City and surrounding communities such as; Overland Park, Lenexa, Leawood, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs and Independence who are looking for advertising and marketing services. And by advertising and marketing services, we mean things like branding, logo design, website design & development, direct marketing and consulting. Did I say we are really concentrating on marketing services in the Kansas City area? That’s pretty important.

Anyway, any insight you can provide would be appreciated. Perhaps Google search isn’t the answer. Maybe we should become more involved in local professional organizations like the Kansas City Ad Club, Kansas City Direct Marketing Association or the Kansas City American Marketing Association. We’ll keep this in mind.

One last question? How does this blog-thing impact Google searching? Does it help impact local search results at all? After all, as a Kansas City advertising and marketing firm serving the local small business community, we should be prepared to answer this question for our Kansas City small business clients. With your response, we’ll be better able to do just that!

Thank you Mr. Google for your time. If you are ever in Kansas City or the Kansas City metro area and need a local advertising agency to help you get that Google name a little better known, give us a call.