Graphic Design: Logos, Brochures, & Collateral

Notice we didn’t start with graphic design & advertising before we mentioned brand development and strategic planning. A logo, brochure or graphic design without purpose is not only ineffective, it can be damaging to your brand. When you ask EAG to help you develop your small business marketing materials, be patient with us. We’ll ask a lot of questions and challenge your purpose. The end result will be a better, more cost-effective vehicle for your business. Lot’s of people can create a logo but few can design visual meaning. We can.

So what does it take to create an effective logo, brochure or postcard using great graphic design?  It takes much more than just an artistic hand.  Knowledge of graphic design best-practices is important.  It’s also important to understand all the ways a logo or brochure will be used for future marketing efforts.  Too often we’ve seen an artistic design not translate well to signage, product labels or other uses that weren’t anticipated.  That’s why we spend considerable time understanding your business long before pencil goes to paper.

There are many alternatives to using an agency for graphic design and to create a logo, business card or brochure.  On-line websites now offer logo design at discount prices.  But consider the risk of not being guided through this elaborate process.  A logo should last as long as your brand.   A lone graphic artist on the other end of a website has little understanding of your grand master plan.  The risks are greater than the few hundred dollars that might be saved using an online service.

There you have it…  Our passionate explanation of why, for small and emerging businesses seeking logo design, EAG is really the best choice for your business.

There are many things to consider when designing a logo from a branding perspective, but from just a design perspective, here are some creative insights to get you started.

You just started a new business. Or maybe you are giving a fresh new look to your established company. Perhaps you’re expanding and have decided to open a new division to your organization. Whatever the reason, you now stand ready to create a brand new logo. But before you even start doodling ideas, take a look at a few basic rules to remember when designing a successful logo:

  1. Choose color wisely. Color is secondary in logo design – your logo should be able to still clearly convey its message in black and white. That being said, chose color that appropriately represents your company and is appealing to your target audience. Word to the wise: avoid gradients – they have the potential to give you a reproduction nightmare.
  2. Fonts matter. Your font choice should represent your type of business or industry. Stick to a maximum of two different typefaces. This will help with readability and also to establish the brand.
  3. Avoid trends. Designing logos according to current trends is like putting an expiration date on it. Have a logo that will last for years and years.
  4. Don’t use raster images. In other words, don’t create your logo in Photoshop. A logo must be versatile and able to be reproduced at varying sizes. Raster images immediately limit your logo’s maximum size, thus limiting its uses and clarity. Maintain visual consistency by using vector programs to create a logo.
  5. Simplicity is best. A simple logo is more easily recognizable and remains in the minds of those that see it. Feature something unique without being overdone or complex. Overly complex logos easily lose their message and are therefore easily forgotten. Plus, they can be difficult to reproduce and unreadable at small sizes (i.e. business cards).

Do your research and take your time – Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your brand new logo. Just remember: when in doubt, leave it to the experts.  View our recent logo design projects.